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The device SCH02M-2A-4,0-12V-RS-K,0,2 (SCH02M 2A 4,0 12V RS K,0,2, SCHO2M-2A-4,0-12V-RS-K,0,2)
Technical characteristics of the devices devices SCH02M-2A-4,0-12V-RS-K,0,2:
On the front of the dashboard SCH02, SCH96, SCH120 under 4.0 digit digital displays are four single indicator, which informs about modes of the device device SCH02M-2A-4,0-12V-K,0,2:
- LED turns on when the final value exceeds the display range of 0.5%.
- Provides information on a scale readings.
- LED flashes when performing data exchange via RS485 interface