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    Stopwatch SETs-1000
    Also, this device can be called: SETs1000, SETs 1000, SETs1000.

    Stopwatch SETs-1000 - a device for measuring the time interval indicating the measurement results in a digital form.
    Type display stopwatch - digital four-digit decimal.
    SETs-1000 is used to connect electrical relays, contact devices and allows you to measure: time retraction or release time of electrical devices normally closed or normally open contacts, the time difference between make or break contacts 2.

    Specifications are stopwatches SETs-1000

    Rated mains voltage (220 +22 / -33) V.
    Rated frequency 50 ± 1Hz.
    Rated power is no more than 4W.
    Normal operation sekundomera SETs-10000 is provided when applying for measuring inputs signals corresponding to the values ​​given in Table. 1
Table 1. Signal parameters are input devices stopwatches SETs-1000.
Actual stress
AC input signal, V
Frequency of the alternating
input Hz
The DC input signal, V
36 +3.6 / -4.8
± 12-40V
110 +11 / -16.5
± 36-120V
220 +22 / -33
± 72-240V

    Input impedance measuring inputs on the stopwatch, not less than:
    Input 1 - 0.9 ohms;
    Input 2 - 4.4 ohms;
    Terminal 3 - 9.7 ohms.

    Operating conditions SETs-1000

    The ambient air temperature - from -10 ° C to +50 ° C.
    Ambient Humidity - 95% at 35 ° C and below;
    Atmospheric pressure - from 84kPa (630 mmHg. Tbsp.) To 106.7 kPa (800 mm Hg. Tbsp.).

Photos СЭЦ-1000

SETs-1000 device image.
SETs-1000 device image.