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    Power supply B5-32 (B-5-32, B 32 5; B5 32)
    Power supply B5-32 - a product that is used to power electronic devices stabilized DC voltage.

    Output voltage - 10V-300V.
    Current load - 0 - 0.2 A.
    Power - 200W.
    Specifications B5-32

    Power supply B5-32 allows for the establishment of the basic error of the output voltage not exceeding:
    - For the maximum value - ± 3%;
    - In digitized points - of formula:
    where - Nominal digitized points scale power source B5-32, and = 0.6.
The output voltage of power supply varies nine stages. Lapses between steps are not allowed.

    Power supply B5-32 allow output voltage instability ± 0,03%. within the control range when the supply voltage ± 10% of nominal for any permissible current load.
    The sources of supply B5-32 allow output voltage instability ± 0,1% when the load current of the maximum permissible value to zero.
    The temperature coefficient of the output voltage to the control range at any permissible load current when the ambient temperature of 5 ° C to 40 ° C does not exceed 0.02% per degree.

    Power supply B5-32 has output voltage ripple, the value of which does not exceed 1 mV rms value is not within the control range for any permissible current load.
    B5-32 Protection against overloads and short circuits to operate at a load current in excess of 10% - 60% maximum and 10% - 60% of the total maximum current in parallel operation of sources.
    B5-PSU 32 may operate in parallel with the same power source from providing the load current not exceeding 80% of the total maximum value.
    For power supplies output circuits may be grounded positive or negative polarity. The output impedance of AC products in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 200 kHz shall not exceed 10 Ohm.
    Output circuits B5-32 electrical insulation to withstand a test voltage of 2000V breakdown of the effective value of the alternating current. Electrical isolation of input circuits sources can withstand without breakdown, the test voltage 1500V AC RMS value.
    The insulation resistance of these circuits sources relative to the housing is normally not less 20MOm, with increased relative humidity - at least 1 Mohm.; At an elevated temperature - at least 5MOm.
Power supplies B5-32 provides its specifications within the standards set by the specifications, after a setup time of 30 minutes.
    Power supply B5-32 has an output voltage drift over 8 hours of continuous operation and 10 minutes for any of the 8 hours did not exceed 0.2% of the maximum value. Acceptable modulation factor of the load current is not less than 10% of the specified load current.
    Maximum emission output voltage for power supply is 13V. The number of emission output voltage does not exceed 2, and settling time was 5 seconds.
    Power supply B5-32 allow continuous operation under the operating conditions for 8 hours while retaining its performance.

    Terms of use B5-32

    Power supply B5-32 are designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - 5 ° C to 10 ° C;
    - Relative humidity at 30 ° C - no more than 98%;
    - Atmospheric pressure - 750 ± 30 mm Hg

Photos: B5-32

B5-32 device image.
B5-32 device image.
B5-32 front view.
B5-32 front view.
B5-32 side view.
B5-32 side view.
B5-32 rear view.
B5-32 rear view.
B5-32 overhead view.
B5-32 overhead view.
B5-32 bottom view.
B5-32 bottom view.