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Voltmeter S5027 (S-5027, S 5027, c-5027, c 5027, c5027)
Voltmeter S5027 is designed to measure AC voltage in a wide range of frequencies and DC voltage. Accuracy Class 0.5 voltmeter S5027. Final value of the measuring range 1kV (1000V).

    Voltmeters S5027 intended to measure alternating voltage in a wide range of frequencies and DC voltage.

    Voltmeters S5027 are designed for use in moderate climate in enclosed dry heated rooms at the ambient temperature of 10 to 35 ° C and a relative humidity of 80% (at 25 ° C);
    Voltmeters S5027 T4.1 - tropical version - in dry and humid tropical climate in closed rooms with air conditioned or partially air-conditioned at the ambient temperature from 1 to 40 ° C and a relative humidity of 80% at 25 ° C and at lower temperatures no condensation (at higher temperatures, relative humidity below) in accordance with GOST 15150-69


    Technical data
    Accuracy Class 0.5 voltmeter S5027 according to GOST 8711-78. Additional error S5027 voltmeter, frequency deviation caused by the upper limit of the normal range of frequencies up to any frequency in the working frequency range does not exceed ± 0,5% of the final value of the measuring range.


    Time for reading voltmeter S5027 6. Voltmeter S5027 can be used for measurements at frequencies above the work area. Frequency limits and measurement errors are shown in Table 1. Input impedance voltmeter DC S5027 more than 10 10 ohms.

    Dining lighting circuit voltmeter is provided from AC power supply (220 +22), frequency 50-60Hz through a step-down transformer, can be combined with a voltmeter S5027, either on AC or DC voltage of 4 V. Dimensions: voltmeter 205h290h135 mm transformer housing - 65h85h45 mm. Weight voltmeter S5027 is not more than 4 kg transformer not more than 0.5 kg.

Table 1.

Katsiya volt-

The final
tion values
of range
Area mea-


tial region, Hz


rating fre-

quency range, MHz

Frequency in MHz at the border of measurement error in the range

Input capa-

citance, pF, not more

sore upon Mr. GOST 9444-74


s tragic, H

From -0.5 to +1.5% of full scale of the mea-

suring range

From -0.5 to 2.5% of the final value of the mea-

suring range




From 45 to 1.5 × 10 6 Over 1.5 to 3 Over 3 to 5 - 25 0.8 0.98

Photos: S5027

S5027 voltmeter image.
S5027 voltmeter image.
S5027 panel view.
S5027 panel view.
S5027 side view (terminals, switches).
S5027 side view (terminals, switches).
S5027 side view.
S5027 side view.
S5027 side view.
S5027 side view.
S5027 bottom view.
S5027 bottom view.