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S50 (C50)

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    Voltmeter S50 (S-50, S 50, c50, c-50, c 50)..

    Voltmeter S50 - portable electrostatic shield device for measuring voltage in DC and AC circuits in a wide range of frequencies.
    Measurement range - 150V.
    Accuracy class - 0.5.
    Voltage - up to 3,000 volts.
    The frequency range - up to 2MHz.
    Dimensions - 205x290x135 mm.
    Weight 3.6 kg.
    Structural features of S50
    To turn the clips are (terminals) on the back of the unit. Right clamp isolated from the inner electrostatic screen porcelain bushing and connected to the stationary electrode. The second terminal is connected to the movable electrode and the screen. Voltmeters S50 to limit e from 30V to 450V have a third terminal connected to the protective resistor connected to the second terminal. The device is protected from outside influences protective screen.
    In front of the voltmeter S50 located: plug strip for power supply and plug the clarifier switch for switching power supply clarifier scale. On the cover of the device is the head of the corrector.
    Technical characteristics
    Voltmeter S50 is available in odnopredelnym to different final values ​​of the working scale. All values ​​in Table 1 is fed.
Table 1.
Type S50 / 1 S50 / 2 S50 / 3 S50 / 4 S50 / 5
The final value of the work of the scale, in 30V 75V 150V 300V 600V
Input capacitance, pF 10 7 7 7 4
Type S50 / 6 S50 / 7 S50 / 8 S50 / 9  
The final value of the work of the scale, in 1000V 1500V 3000V 450V  
Input capacitance, pF 4 4 4 7  
S50 electrostatic voltmeters have a low energy consumption. Devices on (30, 75, 150, 300, 450) are in the protective resistors, protecting the measuring equipment from being damaged by accidental circuit between the moving and fixed electrodes in the clean and jerk and overload.
    Terms of use of the appliance
    S50 voltmeters are designed to work indoors at ambient temperatures from -15 ° C to +35 ° C, relative humidity of 80%. The instrument is sensitive to shocks and vibrations. When you work with devices up to 450V to 220V AC at a frequency of up to 300kHz measured voltage is recommended to include a protective resistor.

Photos: S50 (C50)

S50 (C50) device image.
S50 (C50) device image.
S50 (C50) view panel of the device.
S50 (C50) view panel of the device.
S50 (C50) side view.
S50 (C50) side view.
S50 (C50) rear view.
S50 (C50) rear view.
S50 (C50) overhead view.
S50 (C50) overhead view.
S50 (C50) bottom view.
S50 (C50) bottom view.