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S1-96 Oscilloscope S1-96 universal


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Oscilloscope S1-96 universal (S196, S-1-96, S 1 96, c1-96, S-196, S 196, S1 96, c196, c-1-96, c 1 96, c-196, c 1196, c1 9)
Oscilloscope S1-96 Universal is designed to study one or both of the two synchronous signals with amplitude of 4 mV-500V and the duration of 0.16 ms-1 s by visual observation and photography.
Advantages of device C1-96 - a large part of the working screen, high sensitivity and accuracy, as well as small dimensions and weight.
Specifications Oscilloscope S1-96 universal:
Vertical deflection
Bandwidth - 0MGts-10MHz;
The rise time of Ss - 35ns;
Coefficient of variation - 2mV/div.-10V/div.;
Accuracy - 3%;
Input impedance S1-96 - 1 M, 10 MW (with external divider 1:10);
Capacity - 3pF; 15pF (with external divider 1:10).
Horizontal deflection
Sweep - 0.04 mks/div.-0, 1s/div.;
Accuracy - 3%;
Sweep mode of operation - waiting, self-oscillating, single;
Effective screen - 100x120mm (75x100mm for each beam);
Meals S1-96:
- On-line - 220V, 50Hz, 115V or 220V, 400Hz;
- DC power supply - 24 V, 1.65 A;
Power consumption - 70V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 360x160x420mm;
Weight S1-96 - 13kg.