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S1-94 (C1-94)

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    Universal service oscilloscope C1-94
    Also, this device may be called: S194 C1 94, C-194, C 194, c1-94, c194, c1 94.
    C1-94 oscilloscope universal service is intended for research and pulsed sinusoidal signals during verification, adjusting and repair of industrial and household radio.
    Amplitude range of pulse signals - from 10 to 300 mV.
    Time range of pulse signals - from 0.1 ms to 0.5 s.
    Amplitude range of sinusoidal signals - from 5 to 150 mV.
    The frequency of the sinusoidal signals - 10 MHz.
    C1-94 oscilloscope consists of a housing, a cathode-ray tube scanning amplifier (90x120 mm), an amplifier (80x100 mm), and the power transformer.
    Specifications Oscilloscopes universal:

    Effective screen - 40x60 mm (8x10 bars).
    The line width of the beam - no more than 0.8 mm.
    Coefficient of variation - calibrated and set steps from 10 mV/div to 5 V/div according to a series of numbers 1, 2, 5.

    Vertical deflection channel parameters:
    - Step response time - less than 35 ns;
    - Release on top of the transient response - 10%;
    - Settling time of the transient response - no more than 120 ns;
    - Uneven tops transient response and skewed peaks due HRP reskomplektatsii input dividers - no more than 3%;
    - HRP recession peaks at the gated entrance to the amplifier 4 ms duration - no more than 10%;
    - Displacement of the beam due to the drift of the amplifier for 1 h after a five-minute warm-up - no more than 0.5 division;
    - Displacement of the beam from the switching of the switch / div - not more than 0.5 division;
    - Periodic and random deviation of the ray from internal sources - no more than 0.2 division;
    - Limits the vertical movement of the beam - at least two times the rated vertical deflection;
    - Input impedance with direct input in parallel with the order of 150 pF - 1 ± 0,05 MW;
    - Input impedance with 1:10 divider in parallel with 25 pF - 10 ± 1 MW;
    - The maximum amplitude of the input signal with a minimum coefficient of variation across open input - no more than 30;
    - The maximum amplitude of the input signal with 1:10 divider - not more than 300 V;
    - Permissible total value of DC and AC voltages - no more than 250;
    - Signal delay with respect to the sweep when the internal clock - not less than 20 ns.

    Scan can operate in standby, and the self-oscillating mode and has a range of calibrated coefficients sweep from 0.1 ms / div to 50 ms / division, divided into 18 sub-bands according to the fixed number of 1, 2, 5.
    Error coefficients calibrated sweep on all bands, except the sweep rate of 0.1 ms / division - no more than ± 5%.
    Accuracy calibrated sweep rate of 0.1 ms / division - no more than ± 8%.

    Horizontal amplifier parameters:
    - The coefficient of variation at 1 kHz - no more than 0.5 V / div;
    - Uneven frequency response in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 2 MHz - 3 dB.

    C1-94 oscilloscope universal service has internal and external synchronization of the sweep.

    Internal synchronization scan is carried out:
    - Sinusoidal voltage scale from 2 to 8 bar in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 10 MHz;
    - A sinusoidal voltage swing of 0.8 to 8 bar in the frequency range from 50 Hz to 2 MHz;
    - Pulse signals of either polarity duration of 0.30 microseconds or more images at a value of 0.8 to 8 bar.

    External synchronization of the sweep is carried out:
    - Scale sinusoidal signal 1 V peak-to-peak in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 10 MHz;
    - The sinusoidal sweep signal from 0.5 V to 3 V peak-to-peak in the frequency range from 50 Hz to 2 MHz;
    - Pulse signals of either polarity duration of 0.3 ms and more at an amplitude of 0.5 V to 3 V.
    Instability sync - no more than 20 ns.

    Selfwarming-up time - 5 min.
    Power consumption - 32·A.
    Continuous operation time - 8 hours.
    Dimensions oscilloscope C1-94 - 300x190x100 mm.
    Operating conditions:
Ambient temperature - +10° C to +35° C.
    Relative humidity at +25° C - 80%.
    Mains voltage - 220 V.
    Mains frequency - 50 Hz.
    Oscilloscopes universal C1-94 can be used in repairing electronic radio services in enterprises and households, as well as in radio and in schools.

Photos S1-94

S1-94 (C1-94) device image.
S1-94 (C1-94) device image.
S1-94 (C1-94) front view.
S1-94 (C1-94) front view.
S1-94 (C1-94) side view.
S1-94 (C1-94) side view.
S1-94 (C1-94) rear view.
S1-94 (C1-94) rear view.
S1-94 (C1-94) overhead view.
S1-94 (C1-94) overhead view.
S1-94 (C1-94) bottom view.
S1-94 (C1-94) bottom view.