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S1-90 (C1-90)

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    Universal service oscilloscope C1-90
    Also, this device can be called: C1 90, S190, C-190, C 190, c1-90, c1 90, c190.
    C1-90 single-beam oscilloscope universal service is intended for visual observation of the form of electrical signals on the CRT screen and measuring the amplitude and timing parameters.
    The range of measured voltages - from 0.01 to 300V.
    The range of measured time intervals - from 1 ms to 0.5 s.
    Effective screen - 30x50 mm (6x10 bars).
    The line width of the beam - 0.8 mm.
    The minimum sweep repetition rate - 500 Hz.
    Technical characteristics of the devices C1-90 Oscilloscope universal service:

    Parameters channel vertical deflection of the beam:
    - Bandwidth at -3 dB frequency response - from 0 to 1 MHz;
    - Step response time - less than 350 ns;
    - Release on the transient response - no more than 10%;
    - Non-linearity of the amplitude characteristic within a working portion of the screen - no more than 10%;
    - Displacement of the beam due to the drift of the amplifier for 1 h after a 5-minute warm-up at a stable voltage power supply - no more than 0.5 division;
    - Short-term drift of the beam for 1 min - not more than 0.2 division;
    - A jump from the beam switching switch V/div - not more than 0.5 division with any number of switches;
    - Input impedance amplifier with 1:1 divider in parallel with no more than 150 pF - 1 MW±5%;
    - Input impedance amplifier with 1:10 divider in parallel with no more than 25 pF - 10 MW±10%;
    - The total maximum value of DC and AC voltages, which can be served at the gated entrance of the amplifier - 250;
    - The maximum amplitude of the test signal applied to the input of the amplifier - 30, with 1:10 divider - 300 V.

    Obstruction tops pulse 4 ms at the gated entrance vertical deflection amplifier beam - no more than 10%.
    The minimum coefficient of variation of the vertical deflection of the beam channel - 10 mV/div.
    Coefficient of variation of the calibrated and set steps from 10 mV/div to 5 V/div overlapping 2 and 2.5 times.
    Calibration error channel deflection factors - not more than 10%.

    Scan can operate in standby, and the self-oscillating mode, and has the following parameters:
    - Calibrated coefficients range from 1 ms sweep/div to 50 ms/div is divided into 15 sub-bands overlap fixed in 2 and 2.5 times;
    - Non-linearity in the sweep range of the working part of the CRT screen in the range from 1 ms/div to 50 ms/div - not more than 10%.
    Calibration error coefficients sweep - no more than 10%.

    Oscilloscope C1-90 have internal and external synchronization scan.

    Internal synchronization scan is performed either polarity signal with a minimum amplitude image 1 division in the frequency range from 5 Hz to 1 MHz.
    External synchronization of the sweep by signals of either polarity amplitude of 0.7 V to 10 V.
    The sweep delay relative to the signal - no more than 0.5 microseconds.
    Negative amplitude of the sawtooth sweep on the nest «V» - not less than 5 V. 

    Parameters channel amplifier horizontal deflection:
    - The coefficient of variation at 1 kHz - no more than 0.5 V/div;
    - Bandwidth - 20 Hz to 200 kHz.
    Selfwarming-up time - 5 min.
    Continuous operation time - 8 hours.
    Uptime - 2000 hrs.
    Power consumption - 20 VA.
    Dimensions oscilloscope - 296x190x100 mm.
    Weight - 3.5 kg.
    Operating conditions:

    Temperature - from +10° C to +35° C.
    Relative humidity at +25° C - 80%.
    Mains voltage - 220±22 V.
    Mains frequency - 50 Hz, 60 Hz.
    Universal service oscilloscope C1-90 is used in the repair and maintenance of electronic equipment, including white.

Photos: S1-90 (C1-90)

S1-90 (C1-90) device image.
S1-90 (C1-90) device image.
S1-90 (C1-90) front view.
S1-90 (C1-90) front view.
S1-90 (C1-90) side view.
S1-90 (C1-90) side view.
S1-90 (C1-90) rear view.
S1-90 (C1-90) rear view.
S1-90 (C1-90) overhead view.
S1-90 (C1-90) overhead view.
S1-90 (C1-90) bottom view.
S1-90 (C1-90) bottom view.