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S1-82 (C1-82)

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    Oscilloscope S1-82 (C1-82, S 1-82, S 1 82, S1-82, S1 82, s 1-82, s 1 82)

    Oscilloscope S1-82 - an instrument designed for the study of electrical signals in two channels, measuring their time and amplitude parameters.
    The number of rays CRT - single beam.
    Type of indicator - CRT 17LO1I.
    The range of the measured voltages - 6MV - 300V.
    The range of measured time intervals - 0.15 ms - 5s.
    Power Consumption - 100W.
    Overall dimensions - 300 × 200 × 420mm.
    Weight - 15kg.
    Structural features S1-82

    Oscilloscope S1-82 has a vertical deflection path that allows you to explore the signals in the frequency range up to 10 MHz with an amplitude of 1 mV - 50V. The presence of the inverters in each channel path and switch the channels allows the algebraic summation of the test signals.
    Oscilloscope S1-82 are delayed scan that allows you to select the on-screen CRT signal area of interest and explore it in a different time scale.
    Presence in the synchronization channel of the oscilloscope switch S1-82 provides the starting time of the scan signal of any channel of the oscilloscope, the total signal, or alternately from each of the signals. Furthermore, the switch provides a synchronization mode X-Y (X-axis scan signal through the path under investigation vertical bias).
    Specifications S1-82
    The bandwidth of the oscilloscope S1-82 - 0 - 2 MHz. The rise time of HRP - 35 nanoseconds.
    Oscilloscope S1-82 allow the measurement error:
    - Measurement of the signal amplitude - less than 3%;
    - The measurement of time intervals - no more than 3%
    Release of HRP on the device is no more than 5%.

    The parameters of the Y unit S1-82:

    - Sensitivity of the channel - 1mV/del-5V/del;
    - Input resistance of the channel - 1M;
    - Input channel capacity - 40pF.

    X-channel device parameters S1-82:

    - The duration of the sweep minimum 0.05 ms / div;
    - The duration of the sweep maximum - 0.5 s / div;
    - The amplitude of the external clock signals - 0.5V - 10V;
    - External clock frequency range - 10Hz - 10MHz;
    - Input impedance of the external synchronization - 0.1 MW.

    Channel oscilloscope calibration parameters S1-82:

    - The frequency of the calibration signal - 1 kHz;
    - Calibration of the signal voltage - 0.6 V.

Photos: S1-82 (C1-82)

S1-82 (C1-82) device image.
S1-82 (C1-82) device image.
S1-82 (C1-82) front view.
S1-82 (C1-82) front view.
S1-82 (C1-82) side view.
S1-82 (C1-82) side view.
S1-82 (C1-82) rear view.
S1-82 (C1-82) rear view.
S1-82 (C1-82) overhead view.
S1-82 (C1-82) overhead view.
S1-82 (C1-82) bottom view.
S1-82 (C1-82) bottom view.