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Oscilloscope S1-127 (S1 127, c1-127, c1 127)

To monitor and measure electrical signals scale of 4 mV to 300 V and a duration of 20ns to 2s in the frequency range from 0 to 50MHz.
Screen Size: 80 mm (10 cases) x 60mm (8 cases)
Coefficient of variation: from 1 mV / div to 5 V / div
Sweep: 0.05 ns / div to 0.2 s / div
    Dimensions: 295x139x495mm
Weight: 6kg

1. Appointment
1.1. Oscilloscope S1-127 is designed to monitor and measure electrical signals from the scale 4 mV to 300 V and a duration of 20 ns to 2 s in the frequency band from 0 to 50 MHz.
1.2. Operating conditions: Oscilloscope S1-127
Increased ambient temperature, ° to 50;
The reduced air temperature, ° to minus 30, high moisture, 98% at 25 ° C;
Pressure, mm Hg 400 to 780,
Low temperature of the ambient air, ° C plus 5;
Humidity, 80% at 25 ° C;
Atmospheric pressure 400 mm hg to 780.
1.3. The oscilloscope is used in the production, development and operation of electronic equipment.
2. Technical data, oscilloscope S1-127
2.1. Effective screen CRT oscilloscope horizontal 80mm (10 cases);
Vertically 60 mm (8 cases).
Note. In parentheses are the size of the CRT screen in scale divisions.
2.2. The line width of the beam is not more than:
0.8 mm with a coefficient of variation of 0.005 - 5 V / div;
At a rate of 0.2 cases deviations 1 and 2 mV / div;
geometric distortion of less than 3%.
2.3. The minimum frequency of the sweep, which provides a monitoring of the signal at a rate of sweep 5 ns / cases up to 1 kHz with an artificial darkening of the screen.
2.4. Coefficient of variation of channels A and B are set twelve calibrated steps from 1 mV / div to 5 V / div and increase smoothly with respect calibration values ​​not less "than 2.5 times.
2.5. Limit of acceptable values ​​of the coefficients of variations of the basic error of 0.005 - 5 V / div is + -3%, deflection factors 1 and 2 mV / div ± 4%;
Limit of acceptable deviation of error coefficients of 0.005 - 5 V / div in the working conditions of application is + -4.5%, deflection factors 1, 2 mV / div - + -6, in the application of these errors 1:10 divider increase no more than by 1%.
2.6. The value of the synchronous hum no more than 0.2 cases + 1 mV.
In the working conditions of application release, the unevenness in the area of establishing not standardized, settling time less than 50 ns, non-uniformity - 3%.
2.7. The decline at the top of nx gated entrance in the time interval 0,5 ms no more than 5%.
2.8. Displacement of the beam of each channel on the CRT screen is not more than:
1 cases due to the input current, and switching the switch "V / div";
2 cases by inverting the signal in channel B;
2.9. The limits of vertical movement of the beam in each channel relative to the middle of the working portion of the CRT screen is not less than 60 mm.
2.10. The parameters of each channel input vertical deflection:
With direct input Input resistance is equal to (1 + 0.03) mW, the input capacitance of less than - 25 pf;
1:10 divider with the input resistance is equal to (10 + -0.3) MW, the input capacitance of less than - 15 pf.
2.11. Permissible total value of the DC and AC voltages from direct input of each channel vertical deflection should not exceed 100 V with a divider 1:10 - 300 V.
2.12. Coefficient isolation between channels is not less than the vertical deflection frequency of 15 to 50 MHz and less than 25 at 50 MHz.
2.13. Viewable image signal delay on the CRT screen from the beginning of the sweep to the level of 0.1 is at least 15 ns.
2.14. Tract of vertical deflection provides the following modes:
Monitoring a channel signal, a channel observation signal is used;
The algebraic summation of the signals of channels A and B, alternately or intermittently switching channels a and b;
Changing the polarity of the input signal is 2.15 MB. Tract provides a self-oscillating horizontal deflection waiting and single modes.
2.16. Sweep set twenty-one calibrated steps of 0,05 μs / div to 0,2 s / cases. Envisaged gradual increase sweep no less than 2.5 times the calibrated position in the oscilloscope is tenfold stretching sweep.
2.17. The limits of acceptable basic error sweep are + -3% with no stretch marks and x with a banner.
The limits of acceptable error sweep in the working conditions of use are + -4.5% with no stretch marks and + -6% with a banner.
The limits of acceptable basic error of measurement of time intervals to sweep 0,05; 0,1; 0,2 μs / cases enabled stretching are + -5%, in the working conditions of use + -7.5%.
2.18. Moving beam horizontal alignment provides the start and end of the scanning line with the center of the screen.
2.19. Coefficient of variation of the horizontal sweep mode by external signal input " "Not more than 2 V / div bandwidth tract horizontal deflection mode scanning an external signal from 20 Hz to 3 MHz,
2.20. Input parameters X and Z     respectively: input resistance (1 + 0.1) Megohm (100 + -20) com, input capacitance of less than 70 pF.
1 cases, gradually varying the deflection factors in the range of 0.005 - 5 V / div.
When the coefficients of 1, 2 mV / div offset is not specified.
2.21. Tract horizontal deflection provides the following types of synchronization sweep:
External synchronization, the synchronization of the channel and, synchronization of the channel used, the synchronization of the network.
2.22. Synchronization frequency range from 10 Hz to 75 MHz. In the self-oscillating mode synchronization is done Signals with a frequency of at least 50 Hz.
2.23. Limited levels of synchronization:
When the internal clock minimum level of no more than 0.8 cases, the maximum - at least 8 cases;
If external synchronization is not more than the minimum level of 0.2 V, the maximum - in not less than 5.
The instability of the synchronization is not more than 0.2 cases of the scale of the CRT screen.
2.24. Oscilloscope Calibrator provides a square wave at the output of "square wave" with a repetition rate of 1 kHz and 0.6 V. ampdlitudoy
The limits of permissible values ​​of the basic errors of pulse repetition rate and amplitude of the calibrator are + -1%, the limits of permissible error values ​​of the amplitude and frequency of the pulse calibrator in the working conditions of application are + -1.5%.
2.25. Electrical isolation between the input supply chain network connector and the body of the oscilloscope can withstand without breakdown and surface flashover test voltage AC, 50 Hz, 1.5 kV rms value under normal conditions and 900 at high humidity.
2.26. Electrical insulation resistance of the oscilloscope power relative to the body not less than:
under normal weather conditions - 20 MW;
at an elevated ambient temperature of - 5 megohms;
at high ambient humidity - 2 MW;
2.27. The oscilloscope provides its specifications within the standards set by the one at the end of a setup time of 15 min.
2.28. The oscilloscope allows for continuous operation in the working conditions for a time at least 16 h while maintaining its specifications within the standards set specifications.
Note. Continuous operation time does not include the operating mode setting time oscilloscope.
2.29. Oscilloscope retains its specifications within the standards set specifications, when it feeds on AC power:
Voltage (220 + -22), frequency (50 ± 1) Hz and content
Harmonics up to 5%;
Voltage (220 + -11) V, (115 + -6), frequency (400 ± 10) Hz and harmonic content up to 5%;
Voltage (27 + -2.7) VDC (for oscilloscope S1-127).
2.30. Power consumed by the oscilloscope from the power supply at rated voltage is 50 V. A AC 220 V, 50 Hz and 30 W and the DC voltage of 27 V (for oscilloscope C1-127).
2.31. The oscilloscope retains its specifications within the standards set by the one after replacing the CRT in it.
Allowed podregulirovanie oscilloscope using the available enforcement adjustment provided for the electrical circuit diagram and instructions for use of the oscilloscope.
2.32. Modes of vacuum, semiconductor, electric components meet the standards established in the standards and that they are provided, and in the working conditions for a time of continuous operation, set forth in Item 2.2V.
2.33. Voltage industrial radio interference oscilloscope in decibels:
at a frequency of 6 MHz to 100 u = 60, where F - frequency MHz.
2.34. Time to failure of T oscilloscope least 7000h.
2.35. Gamma-percent life of at least 10,000 with γ = 90%.
2.36. Gamma-percent service life of 15 years at γ = 95%.
2.37. Gamma-percent storage life of at least 10 years for heated storage, and 5 years for unheated storage at γ = 99%.
Oscilloscope without silica and covers long-term storage is not subject.
2.38. Average recovery time oscilloscope over 3 h.
2.39. The probability of no latent failures of at least 0.92 for the calibration interval 24 months, with an average utilization rate of Ki = 0.04.
2.40. Overall dimensions, mm, not more than:
Oscilloscope - 295h139h495;
Personnel packaging - 585h185h595;
Shipping container - 815h349h670.
2.41. Weight Oscilloscope not more than 6 kg;
Weight oscilloscope with service pack no more than 16 kg;
Weight oscilloscope transport container no more than 40 kg.

Photos: S1-127

S1-127 oscilloscope image.
S1-127 oscilloscope image.
S1-127 front view.
S1-127 front view.
S1-127 side view.
S1-127 side view.
S1-127 rear view.
S1-127 rear view.
S1-127 overhead view.
S1-127 overhead view.
S1-127 bottom view.
S1-127 bottom view.