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S1-75 Oscilloscope S1-75 universal.


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Oscilloscope S1-75 universal (S175, S-1-75, S 1 75, c1-75, S-175, S 175, S1 75, c175, c-1-75, c 1 75, c-175, c 1175, c1 75)
Oscilloscope S1-75 universal fast instrument designed to study one or two signals from 20mV amplitude, duration and 25B 8ns-1c in real time. Fast rise time of HRP and high brightness CRT can successfully apply the oscilloscope in electronic computer engineering, nuclear physics and high energy physics in the study of ultrafast processes.
Input impedance of 50 ohms allows the study of HF signals without distorting their shape due to the capacitive load.
The device has a built-in pulse generator (200 mV amplitude, rise time of 0.5 ns) to check the HRP.
Specifications Oscilloscope S1-75 universal:
Vertical deflection
Bandwidth - 0MGts-250MHz;
The rise time of Ss - 1.5 ns;
Coefficient of variation - 10mV/sm-1V/sm;
Tolerance S1-75 - 3%;
Impedance - 50 ohms.
Horizontal deflection
Sweep - 20ns/sm-0, 1s/sm;
Accuracy - 3%;
Type of indicator - CRT 13LO105M;
Effective screen - 60x100mm;
Photorecording speed - 1500 km / s;
Meals S1-75 - from 220V, 50Hz, 115V or 220V, 400Hz;
Power Consumption - 160V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 408x220x546mm;
Weight S1-75 - 23kg.