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Oscilloscope S1-64A universal (S164A, S-1-64-A, S 1 64 A, c1-64a, S-164A, S 164A, S1 64A, c164a, c-1-64a, c 1 64a, c-164a, c 1164a, c1 64a)
Oscilloscope S1-64A low overall broadband dual-channel semiconductor is used for visual observation and study of continuous, pulsed, and single electric processes through: pulse measurements with a duration of up to 10 seconds 40nsek; measurement of sinusoidal signals in the frequency range from DC to 50MHz; timing measurements from 40ns to 10s; measuring span investigated signals from 10 mV to 60 V, and on the external divider - from 100mV to 200V; simultaneous images of the two investigated signals on a single scan, a detailed study of any part of a complex signal with a delayed sweep.
Specifications Oscilloscopes S1-64A universal:
Vertical deflection
Bandwidth - 0MGts-50MHz;
The rise time of HRP - no more 9ns;
Coefficient of variation - 0.01 V / div., 2V/div., 5V/div., 10V/div.;
Operating modes: Channel 1, Channel 2, intermittently, in turn, 1 ± 2 (algebraic addition);
The input resistance and capacitance S1-64A:
- 1 MW ± 0,02 MW, 25pF ± 2,5 pF;
- 10 MW ± 1 MW, 12pF - with external divider 1:10;
Horizontal deflection
Sweep S1-64A - 0,005 V/del.-10V/del.;
Effective screen - 48h80mm;
The input resistance and capacitance:
- 1 MW ± 0,02 MW, 25pF ± 2,5 pF - using channel 1;
- 1 MW ± 0,2 MW, 35pF - using the external input X;
- 220 V ± 4,4 V for the network with the frequency of 50 Hz ± 0,5 Hz;
- 220 V ± 4,4 V or 115 V ± 2,5 V for networks with a frequency of 400 Hz ± 12 Hz and harmonic content up to 5%;
Dimensions - 357h245h512mm;
S1-64A Weight - 19kg.

Photos С1-64А

S1-64A (C1-64A) device image.
S1-64A (C1-64A) device image.
S1-64A (C1-64A) front view.
S1-64A (C1-64A) front view.
S1-64A (C1-64A) side view.
S1-64A (C1-64A) side view.
S1-64A (C1-64A) overhead view.
S1-64A (C1-64A) overhead view.
S1-64A (C1-64A) bottom view.
S1-64A (C1-64A) bottom view.