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S1-22 (C1-22) Oscilloscope C1-22 Universal.

S1-22 (C1-22)

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Oscilloscope S1-22 universal (S122, S-1-22, S 1 22, c1-22, S-122, S 122, S1 22, c122, c-1-22, c 1 22, c-122, c 122, c1 22)
Oscilloscope S1-22 is designed for universal visual observation and measurement of single and periodic electrical processes.
Technical characteristics of the devices Oscilloscope S1-22 universal:
Frequency range - 0MGts-5MHz;
Coefficient of variation instrument oscilloscope S1-22 universal - 170mV/sm 10%;
Sweep - 0.1 mks/sm-0, 2s/sm 10%;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument oscilloscope S1-22 universal technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.