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Gaussmeter RSH1-10 (RSH110, RSH-1-10, RSH 1 10, RSH1 10)
Gaussmeter RSH1-10 (Hall effect) is designed to:
- Automation of the measurement process;
- Digital display of measured value in units of magnetic induction;
- Display of measurement results in a digital code to an external recording device;
The device gaussmeter RSH1-10 is a Hall magnetometer designed to measure the induction of constant magnetic fields of the magnets, electromagnets and solenoids.
Meter allows to measure the magnetic fields of the magnets and solenoids with disabilities.Provides display of measurement results for external recording and actuators.
The device gaussmeter RSH1-10 has a four-digit display, calibrated in units of magnetic induction.There is an indicator of polarity of the magnetic field.
To measure the magnetic field is used Hall effect. Hall voltage is proportional to the measured magnetic induction, after amplification and detection of the absolute level is converted to a binary-coded decimal code that comes to digital display unit of measurement results and a connector for external recording devices.
The device gaussmeter RSH1-10 automatically selects the switching limits and measurement, the polarity of the magnetic field, the control performance digital display.Counting the quantity being measured in units of magnetic induction.
Technical characteristics of the devices gaussmeter RSH1-10:
The range of measurement of magnetic induction:
- 0.01 T-2Tl (magnets and electromagnets);
- 0.01 T-0, 3Tl (solenoids).
The basic error of measurement of magnetic induction device gaussmeter RSH1-10:
- ± (1,5 +10 / Vizma)% - 0.01 T-0, 1Tl;
- ± 1,5% - more than 0.1 mT
where Vizma - measured by magnetic induction, mT.
Power - 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz or 220 V ± 11 V, 400 (+28 / -12) Hz.
Consumed by the device gaussmeter RSH1-10 power - no more than 50V ∙ A.
Replaces the R1-8;
Unit weight gaussmeter RSH1-10 - 8 kg.
Dimensions - 304h133h320mm.
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument gaussmeter RSH1-10 technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: RSH1-10

RSH1-10 gaussmeter image.
RSH1-10 gaussmeter image.
RSH1-10 delivery set.
RSH1-10 delivery set.
RSH1-10 front view.
RSH1-10 front view.
RSH1-10 side view.
RSH1-10 side view.
RSH1-10 rear view.
RSH1-10 rear view.
RSH1-10 overhead view.
RSH1-10 overhead view.
RSH1-10 bottom view.
RSH1-10 bottom view.