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RP-0,16ZHUZ Rotameter RP-0, 16ZHUZ.


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Rotameter RP-0,16ZHUZ (RP0,16ZHUZ, RP 0,16 ZHUZ, RP-0,16-ZHUZ, RP0,16-ZHUZ, RP0,16 ZHUZ, RP 0,16ZHUZ)
Rotameters of type RP designed to measure the volumetric flow smoothly varying uniform flow of clean and low contaminated liquids with dispersed nonmagnetic inclusions of foreign particles and convert it into a unified pneumatic signal.
Rotameters work included with the secondary pneumatic devices or devices with the outside air pressure of 0.2 kgf / cm 2 to 1.0 kgf / cm 2.
Depending on the flow of the medium, such as rotameters RP produced by the manufacturer in five basic models: RP-I, ER-II, ER-III, ER-IV, ER-V.
Each base model has a unified body of rotametricheskoy. Measuring Range spending for these models are obtained by setting the corresponding cone and orifice - the installation of the collar.
Rotameters of type RP have a single unified pnevmogolovku transforming the flow rate in pneumatic signal and provides local indication.
Local scale readings - the conditional uniform.
Technical characteristics of the devices rotameters RP-0,16ZHUZ.
The lower limit of measurement - no more than 20% of the upper limit of measurement.
The material used in the instrument rotameter RP-0,16ZHUZ in contact with medium - steel 12X18H9T.
The temperature of the liquid - from -40 º C to +150 ° C.
Flowmeter Devices RP-0,16ZHUZ designed for operation in ambient temperatures from -30 º C to +50 ° C and relative humidity from 30% to 80%.
The basic permissible error on the scale of local evidence and pnevmosignalu:
- For rotameters with an upper limit of measurement of 0.4 m 3 / h to 63.0 m 3 / h - ± 1,5%; ± 2,5%; ± 4%;
- For rotameters with an upper limit of measurement of 0.1 m 3 / h to 0.25 m 3 / h - ± 2,5%; ± 4%.
Meals rotameter by compressed air pressure of 140kPa ± 14kPa (1.4 kgf / cm 2 ± 0,14 kg / cm 2).The air of class 0, 1, 3.
Change limits the device rotameter RP-0,16ZHUZ the output pressure signal - 20kPa to 100kPa of (0.2 kgf / cm 2 -1kgs/sm 2).
The greatest distance flowmeter output signal to a secondary device - 250m.
Calibration of Rotameters - individually made by the manufacturer on the water. In the measurement of fluid flow, which has other than water viscosity and density, it is necessary to recalculate flow at a given liquid.
Material sealing device rotameter RP-0,16ZHUZ - paronite.
Joining the flowmeter in the pipeline - flanged.
The upper limit of measurement - 0.16 m 3 / h.
Conditional pass device rotameter RP-0,16ZHUZ - 15mm.
Operating pressure - 64kPa.
The mass flowmeter device RP-0,16ZHUZ - 13kg.
Dimensions - 220h464mm.