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RE-16ZHUZ RE-16ZHUZ rotameter.


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Rotameter RE-16ZHUZ (RE16ZHUZ, RE 16 ZHUZ, RE-16-ZHUZ, RE16-ZHUZ, RE16 ZHUZ)
Type flowmeters are designed to measure the ER volume flow plavnomenyayuschihsya homogeneous flows of clean and low contaminated liquids with dispersed inclusions of foreign particles, neutral to become 12X18H9T, and convert it to the inductance "L" on the differential transformer coupling within-10mGn ≤ ≤ 0mGn 10mGn.
Flowmeters work, complete with secondary devices. The scale of local evidence is missing.
Depending on the flow of the medium, such as rotameters ER produced by the manufacturer in four basic models: the SE-I, ER-II, ER-III, ER-IV.
Rotameters electrical ER performed in 2 versions:
- ER - pylebryzgozaschischennom;
- REV - Ex.
Explosion-proof electrical rotameters REV designed to work in hazardous locations and have explosion protection sensors.
Parts in contact with medium - steel 12X18H9T.
Technical characteristics of the devices rotameters RE-16ZHUZ.
The temperature of the liquid - from -40 º C to +70 ° C.
Flowmeters are designed for operation in ambient temperatures from -30 º C to +50 ° C and relative humidity from 30% to 80%.
Measurement error - ± 2,5%; ± 4%.
Operating pressure flowmeter device RE-16ZHUZ - 6kgs/sm 2 16kgs/sm 2 64kgs/sm 2.
The greatest distance flowmeter output signal to a secondary device - 250m.
Calibration of the instrument rotameter RE-16ZHUZ - individual produced by the manufacturer on the water.
Joining the flowmeter in the pipeline - flanged.
The upper limit of the measurement instrument rotameter RE-16ZHUZ - 16m 3 / h.
Nominal diameter - 100mm.
The mass flowmeter device RE-16ZHUZ - 32kg.
Dimensions - 564h311h232mm.