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R523 (P523)

3 pieces
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Capacitance box R523

Also this device can be called: R-523, R 523, P523, P-523, P 523.


R523 capacitance box is intended for inclusion in the AC measurement circuitry as set certain capacitance value.


Capacitance boxes R523 are structured in metal housings and are used in the laboratory and workshop practice.


Specifications R523:


Accuracy class - 0,5.

The frequency of the AC - from 40 Hz to 1500 Hz.

The upper limit of capacity - 1,11 mcF.

Three decades - 10×0,1 mcF; 10×0,01 mcF; 10×0,001 mcF.

Basic error - not more than (0,5+0,0015/C)%, where C - included capacitance in mcF.

Capacitance change store caused by temperature changes in the range from +15° C to +10° C or from +25° C to +35° C - not more than half the basic error.

Deviation from the frequency changes in the range from 40 Hz to 800 Hz and from 1000 Hz to 1500 Hz - not more than half the basic error.

Operating voltage - 300 V.

Reactive power - 100 V·A.

Nominal capacity of one stage lower decade - 0,001 mcF.

Start box capacity - not more than 60 pF.

Dissipation factor - not more than 1/200 of the basic error, expressed as a percentage.


Test voltage:

- between the jaws of live circuits - 750 V;

- between the circuits and the screen - 2 kV.


Insulation resistance - not less than 100 MOhm.

Connecting to the scheme - by means of two pairs of pins.

Dimensions boxes R523 - 350×180×168 mm.

Weight - not more than 7 kg.


To shield clamps capacitance box R523 is equipped with metal caps.


Operating conditions R523:


Ambient temperature - from +10° C to +35° C.

Relative humidity - 80%.

Photos: R523 (P523)

R523 (P523) boxes image.
R523 (P523) boxes image.
R523 (P523) view panel of the boxes.
R523 (P523) view panel of the boxes.
R523 (P523) side view.
R523 (P523) side view.
R523 (P523) side view.
R523 (P523) side view.
R523 (P523) side view.
R523 (P523) side view.
R523 (P523) bottom view.
R523 (P523) bottom view.