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P5025 (Р5025)

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Capacitance Box Р5025 (Р-5025, Р 5025, r5025, r 5025, r-5025)
Designed to be used as standard or AC circuits measuring element with frequency from 40Hz to 40kHz.
Capacitance Box measuring range from initial to 111,0001 mkF.
Accuracy class:
     • 0.1 - for decades 0.0001-0.0011; 0.001-0.009; 0.01-0.09 and 0.1-0.9 mkF;
     • 0.5 - for decades 1-10 and 10-100 mkF.
Capacitance Boxes P5025 (here in after - theboxes)are designed to be used as standard orAC circuits measuringelementwith frequency from 40Hz to 40kHz.
Capacitance Box Р5025 designed for use:
Р5025 - in temperate climatesin closedheated roomsat ambient temperatureof 10° to 35 °C and relativehumidity up to 80% at 25 ° C.
Р5025 Т 4.1 -tropicaltype -in dry or wettropical climatein air-conditionedor partiallyair-conditionedclosed rooms at ambient temperatureof 10° to 35 °C and relativehumidity up to 80% at 25 °C andat lower temperatureswithout moisture condensation. In rare cases 6 hours use is allowed. Capacitance Box Р5025 operation temperatures range from 1 to 40°C. 
Technical characteristics
The highestvalue of Р5025 Capacitance Box is 111.0001mkF. Capacitance Box Р5025 quantity of decades - six: 0.0001mkF-0.0011mkF; 0.001mkF-0.009mkF; 0.01mkF-0.09mkF; 0.1mkF-  0.9mkF; 1mkF-10mkF and 10mkF-100mkF. Capacitance Box Р5025 accuracy class in accordance with GOST 6746-75:
0.1 – for decades 0.0001mkF-0.0011mkF; 0.001mkF-0.009mkF; 0.01mkF - 0.09mkF and 0.1mkF - 0.9mkF;
0.5 - for decades 1mkF-10mkF; 10mkF-100mkF.
Frequency range kHz: 0.04-1-15-40 - for decades 0.0001mkF-0.0011mkF; 0.04-1-15-30 - for decades 0.001mkF-0.009mkF; 0.04-1-10-20 - for decades 0.01mkF-0.09mkF; 0.04-1-2.5-5 - for decades 0.1mkF-0.9mkF; 0.04-1-2.5 - for decades 1mkF-10mkF; 0.04-0.5-1 - for decades 10mkF-100mkF. Capacitance Box Р5025 acceptable basic error (δ1 and δ2), expressed in percentage of nominal capacity andis equal to:
    δ1 =±0.1(1 + 0.0032/С) (1),
where C - capacity numeric value in mkF - for decades 0.0001mkF-0.0011mkF; 0.001mkF-0.009mkF; 0.01mkF-0.09mkF; 0.1mkF-0.9mkF;
δ2 = ± 0.5 (2) - for decades, 1mkF-10mkF; 10mkF-100mkF.
Basic accuracy error  definition is madein the followingnormal conditions:
ambient air temperature of 20 ± 2 ° C;
relative humidity of 65 ± 15%;
atmospheric pressure is 100 000 ± 4000 Pa (750 mmHg);
any frequency within normal range;
operating voltage do not exceed specified (hereinafter in text);
absence of external magnetic fields except Earth field;
with only tested decade turn on;
initial capacity is excluded from measurement results.
     Capacitance Box Р5025 tangent loss value does not exceed: 1·10-3 - for decades 0.01mkF-0.09mkF and 0.1mkF-0.9mkF; 2·10-3 - for decades 0.0001mkF-0.0011mkF and 0.001mkF-0.009mkF; 5·10-3 - for decades 1mkF-10mkF and 10mkF-100mkF.
Operating voltageshould not exceed:100 Vforf ≤10 kHzand30 Vat f>10 kHzfordecades0.0001mkF-0.0011mkF; 0.001mkF-0.009mkF; 0.01-0.09mkF; 0.1mkF-0.9mkF; 7V - for decades 1mkF-10mkF; 10mkF-100mkF.
Capacitance Box Р5025 initialcapacity:
When screen is connected to output "1" (two-clamps switch on)
does not exceed 220pF (clamps "1" - "2 '") and 110pF (clamps "1" - "2"), with equipotential output "1" screen (three-clamps switch on) does not exceed 120pF (clamps "1" - "2' ") and 80pF (clamps" 1 "-" 2 ").
Capacitance Box Р5025 additional accuracy error, caused by frequencydeviationfrom normalfrequency rangelimitto anyfrequency inadjacent working part of area does not exceedpermissiblebasic error.Capacitance Box Р5025 additional accuracy error, caused byambient temperature deviation from normalto anytemperaturein rangefrom 1 to 40°C,  is less forevery 10° Ctemperature changes:
acceptable basic error limit - for decades 0.0001mkF-0.0011mkF; 0.001mkF-0.009mkF; 0.01mkF-0.09mkF and 0.1mkF-0.9mkF;
0.4 of basic accuracy limit - fordecades1mkF10mkF-and-10mkF 100mkF.
Insulation betweenelectrical circuitand Capacitance Box Р5025 screenwithstandfor 1 mintest voltage of 0.5 kV practicallysinusoidal AC 50Hz frequency.Insulation resistancebetween electrical circuitand Capacitance Box Р5025 screen is not less than100MOhm at voltage of 500V. Dimensionsdo not exceed 490x360x210mm. Weight of Box Р5025 is not more than 25kg.

Photos: P5025 (Р5025)

P5025 (Р5025) box image.
P5025 (Р5025) box image.
P5025 (Р5025) front view.
P5025 (Р5025) front view.
P5025 (Р5025) side view.
P5025 (Р5025) side view.
P5025 (Р5025) rear view.
P5025 (Р5025) rear view.
P5025 (Р5025) overhead view.
P5025 (Р5025) overhead view.
P5025 (Р5025) bottom view.
P5025 (Р5025) bottom view.