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R4085-M1 (P4085-M1)

1 piece
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    Standard-imitator R4085-M1 (R4085M1, R-4085-M1, R4085M1)
    Standard-imitator R4085-M1 is designed to reproduce electrical dc resistance in macroclimatic regions with temperate, cold and tropical climates.

    Technical characteristics of Standard - imitator R4085-M1:
    Temperature - from10 º C to 35 º C;
    Relative humidity - up to 80% at  25 º C temperature;
    Atmospheric pressure - 84kPa-106.7kPa (630 mm Hg 800 mm Hg)
    Basic parameters and standards connection type must comply with specified values in table 1:
Nominal resistance
Connection type
Acceptable basic error limit
Maximum acceptable
1 GOhm
10 GOhm
100 GOhm
1000 GOhm
     Standard - imitators R4085-M1acceptable basic error, shown in  percentage from nominal resistance valuedoes not exceed± 0.2%;
     Actual resistance value of  standard - imitator R4085-M1 is 1 GOhm at temperature t ° C in Ohm in operating condition ranges should be calculated by the formula:
     Rt = R20+Rnominal (α(t-20)+β(t-20)2)
     whereR20 -actualresistance value 1GOhmattemperature 20º C ±2 ° C, Ohm; α andβ -temperature resistance coefficients, experimentally determined for each measure; Rnominal- nominalresistance value, Ohm;
     Actual resistance value deviation of standard - imitator R4085-M1 from value, is determined by formula does not exceed ± 0.02% at voltage not more than maximum acceptable;        
     Maximum acceptableadditional resistance errorof standard - imitator R4085 -M1,caused by ambient temperaturechangesof 20° C tothe highest(lowest) temperature valuein operatingconditionmode isless thanhalf ofbasic errorlimitfor every 5° C of temperature changes;
Insulation resistance of standard - imitator R4085 -M1 between measuring circuit measures (clamps "1", "2", "0") and screen (clamp"3") - not less than 1∙1013 Ohm,between screen (clamp"3")and case- not less than5∙1011Ohm;
     Dimensions – 130x120x180mm;
     Weight - not more than 1.4 kg.

Photos P4085-M1 (Р4085-М1)

R4085-M1 (P4085-M1) device image.
R4085-M1 (P4085-M1) device image.
R4085-M1 (P4085-M1) front view.
R4085-M1 (P4085-M1) front view.
R4085-M1 (P4085-M1) overhead view.
R4085-M1 (P4085-M1) overhead view.
R4085-M1 (P4085-M1) bottom view.
R4085-M1 (P4085-M1) bottom view.