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R4065 (p4065) Resistor R4065.

R4065 (p4065)

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Shop resistance R4065 (R-4065, R 4065, p4065, p-4065, p 4065)
Shop resistance R4065 is designed to transmit the values ​​of the electrical resistance of the model measures in measuring dc circuits (PM), for use as a multi-valued measures (MM) resistance.
Technical characteristics of the devices stores drag R4065:
The nominal value of the resistance measures (PM):
- When connected in parallel - 10 6 Ohm
- A series connection - 10 8 ohms;
The nominal value of the resistance of one stage of the instrument shop of resistance R4065 - 10 7 ohms;
Accuracy classes of measures:
- For the PM - 0.01;
- For the MM - 0.02;
The error transfer resistance values ​​appliance store resistance R4065 - 0.0002%;
Nominal values ​​of power or voltage level as - 2 kW;
Dimensions - 215h132h255mm;
Weight of the device store resistance R4065 - 2.6 kg.