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R4057 (P4057)

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Store R4057 measuring resistance (R 4057, R-4057, p4057, p-4057, p 4057)

Store R4057 measuring resistance is used as a measure of electrical resistance in DC circuits.
Devices are available in the normal version.
Stores with Resistivity R4057 used at an ambient temperature of 15 to 30 ° C and a relative humidity of 80%.
In terms of resistance to mechanical stress, the devices are durable, shock-(group 1).
The switching device - fork.
Current - continuous.
Accuracy class - 0.02.
Number of decades - 1.
Number of steps - 10.
Nominal impedance of one stage of the store is - 107 Ohm nominal power (voltage), respectively 1kV, 0.3 kV, 0.6 kV.
Overall dimensions 205h205h180 mm unit weight - 3.5 kg.
Shops are a desktop device, structurally designed in a metal case inside which the resistive elements having pins to pin jacks.
The minimum probability of failure of the resistance measuring devices store R4057 for 500 hours of testing at least 0.8 at a confidence level of 0.8.

Photos Р4057

R4057 (P4057) device image.
R4057 (P4057) device image.
R4057 (P4057) view panel of the device.
R4057 (P4057) view panel of the device.
R4057 (P4057) side view.
R4057 (P4057) side view.
R4057 (P4057) rear view.
R4057 (P4057) rear view.