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Store R4042M measuring resistance (R 4042M, R-4042M, p4042m, p 4042m, p-4042m)

It is intended for use as a multi-valued measure of electrical resistance (MMES) in DC.
Nominal impedance 108 ohm
Rated and maximum voltage at 3 kV store.
Number of decades 1
Accuracy class 0.1
Store R4042M measuring resistance designed for use as a multi-valued measure of electrical resistance (MMES) in DC.
Operating conditions:
Ambient air temperature of 10 to 40 ° C
relative humidity from 25 to 80% in the working temperature range;
pressure 86-106 kPa (650-800 mm Hg).
- UHL, category 4.2. GOST 15150 - 69.
Store R4042M are recoverable single-channel, monofunctional products.
Technical data
Main parameters and codes OKP stores are listed in Table. 1.
Accuracy class
Number of decades
Number of steps
Rated resistance in Ohm
108 Ohm
Rated and maximum voltage at the store, KV

The insulation resistance between the housing and the electrical circuit to store operating conditions applying Ohm, not less than

1.10 12
Dielectric strength test voltage, kV
Overall dimensions, mm, not more
Weight, kg, not more
OKP code
42 2513 0235 05

The permissible deviation of the actual value of the resistance of the rated stores R4042M not exceed ± 0,1% under the following standard conditions:
ambient temperature (20 ± 1) ° C;
relative humidity (60 ± 20)%;
atmospheric pressure (100 ± 4) kPa (750 ± 30) mm Hg;
current is constant;
voltage - not the rated (Table 1).
The limit of additional error shops R4042M caused by changes in ambient temperature between the upper (lower) limit the range of normal conditions of use and by some point in the related field of application temperature operating conditions corresponding to the largest change of resistance is ± 0,1%.
Mean time between failures stores R4042M in normal conditions of use not less than 6000 hours average lifetime of at least 10 years of age.