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R4005 R4005 decade resistance measurement.


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Decade resistance measurement R4005 (R-4005, R 4005)
R4005 decade resistance measurement is for DC or high impedance voltage divider.
Technical characteristics of the devices of the decade resistance R4005 measuring:
Resistance - 10x10 MW;
Rated voltage of the device measuring decade resistance R4005 - 650V Power at one stage not exceeding 0.1 W;
Ambient temperature - from +15 º C to +30 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 80%;
Dimensions decade resistance measuring device R4005 - 100h100h160mm;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument decade resistance R4005 measuring technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.