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    The measuring range of PK-2 (PK2, PK 2)
    A set of PK-2 - a set of accessories to end the measures designed to secure a plane-parallel blocks gage length for convenient use them in measuring and marking for accurate work.
    Purpose - the measurement of external and internal dimensions up to 160mm.
    Accessories PK-2 are widely used in measurement practice. They are used to set the size and to test the various measuring tools, adjustable calibration, micrometer and indicator bore gages, etc. Very often sets the PK-2 is used in the manufacture of products of high precision in a small batch production.
    Structural features of the PK-2

All kits are available in special cases. The kit includes a PK-2:
    - Holder 80mm;
    - Holder 160mm;
    - Height of 2mm radius laterals - 2 pcs;
    - Radius laterals height 5mm - 2 pcs;
    - Radius laterals height 10mm - 2 pcs;
    - The stabilizer;
    - Knob.
    Operation of PK-2

To measure the terminal selected measure (amount giving the desired size), the PK-2 corresponding to the size and laterals. Gauge blocks are lapped in the block, the block is located at the ends of laterals. The resulting unit is inserted into the holder outset.
    Stabilizer set of PK-2 is installed between the unit and the clamping bar, wearing springs stabilizer bar. With the supplied nut clamping unit together with the stabilizer to the block so that the bottom of the stabilizer pad touches the outset. Nut is fixed clamping unit, and finally screw the entire unit is fixed by using a set of T-handle PC-2.