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P327 (П327)

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Voltage calibrator P327 (P 327, P-327)
Designedfor calibration of measuring devices.
Dimensions 317х106х325mm.
MultivaluedDC voltage calibrators P327 are tool of general use, designed for calibration of such measuring devices:
differential voltage comparators;
digital voltmeters;
measuring amplifiers;
voltage calibrators.
Voltage calibrator P327 issues voltage discrete in exact linear ratio:
(1-10)V (10·1V)
(0.1-1)V (10·0.1V)
(10-100)mV (10·10mV)
(1-10)mV (10·1mV)
(0.1-1)mV (10·0.1mV)
(10-100)mkV (10·10mkV)
(1-10)mkV (10·1mkV)
(0.1-1)mkV (10·0.1mkV)
Voltage Calibrator P327 designed for operation at temperatures of 10 ° to 35 ° C and relative humidity of 80% at 25 ° C.
Voltage Calibrator P327 designed for use in tropical climate should be used in rooms with air-conditioned at a temperature of 10 ° to 35 °(and marked as P327 0 4.1 **) C.
AC voltage power supply of  voltage calibrator P327 is (220 ± 22)V, frequency of 50 Hz. On request for Voltage Calibrators P327 export 60 Hz frequency can be made.
          Technical characteristics
Voltage Calibrator P327 has:
Calibrated voltage measuring ranges: 1, 10, 100mkV, 1, 10, 100 mV, 1, 10V;
Quantity of decades - 1;
Decade scale division for stages is according to Table 1.
           Acceptable basic error limit of calibrators P327 installed linearity voltage in unloaded mode should correspond to values ​​shown in Table 1.
Voltage calibrator acceptable basic accuracy class with normal element calibration is 0.001of 2-nd category corresponds to:
± (20U + 0.5) mkV during calibration interval of 1 hour;
± (40U + 3) mkV during calibration interval of 8 hours, where U -calibrators voltage, V. Calibrators output resistance corresponds to that shown in Table 1. Calibrators load capacity 10mA at limit 10V.Calibrator calibration is provided on  first stage of decade at limit of 10V or in EN position by normal element calibration.
Calibrator P327 operating mode time is 1 hour. Precision mode setup time is 4 hours. Calibrators voltage variation caused by duration work time does not exceed:
in operating mode  8 hours - 25 • 10-4%;
in precision mode 1 hour - 5 • 10-4%.
Calibrators voltage changes, caused by changes in ambient temperature does not exceed 5 • 10-4% ° C. In addition, calibrators P327 voltage changes within 1V, 100mV do not exceed:    
5 • 10-5% ° C - for range 1V,
10 • 10-5% ° C - for range 100mV
Calibrator voltage changes, caused by changes in voltage supply from nominal 22V, do not exceed 2 • 10-4%. Voltage calibrators  P327 noise (sound signal) does not exceed 4 • 10-5%. AC voltage in calibrators output at a value of 10V is not more than 300mkV.
Voltage calibrator P327 has a special device which provides  the decade calibration with a use of external comparator during  the calibration process. Voltage Calibrator P327 provides regulated specifications during 18 hours of continuous work after establishment of appropriate regime. Another turn on after continuous work is allowed in 1 hour.
Current consumption from 220V voltage supply  is less than 60mA. Insulation between electrical circuits and the case installation can withstand for 1 minute without breakdown action of test voltage and sinusoidal frequency of 50 Hz:
1.5 kV - between case and output AC power input clamps;
0.5 kV - between case and output clamps.
Insulation resistance is not less than:
108 Ω - between case and power supply;
1010 Ω - between output clamps and connected to case input power supply.
Voltages Calibrator P327 has electrostatic screen. Metal case is used as a screen. Case components have electrical connection with ground clamps. Electrical resistance between case components and ground clamp is not more than 0.5 Ω.
Calibrators dimensions and weight, are not less than 317x106x325 mm, 6 kg. 
    Table 1
Measurements indication Standardsfor calibrated voltage limits
10V 1V 100mV 10mV 1mV 100mkV 10 mkV 1 mkV
V mV mkV
Decade scale interval 1V 0.1V 10 mV 1 mV 0.1 mV 10 mkV 1 mkV 0.1 mkV
Output resistance, Ω max 0.5 300 30 15 15 15 15 15
Acceptable basic error limit of linearity installed calibrators voltage, mkV, not more For normalusing conditions ±(2U + 0.4) 0.2 0.05 0.02
For working using conditions ±(4U + 0.4) 0.4 0.1 0.04
Note: U - P327calibrators voltage, V.

Photos P327 (П327)

P327 device image.
P327 device image.
P327 front view.
P327 front view.
P327 side view.
P327 side view.
P327 rear view.
P327 rear view.
P327 overhead view.
P327 overhead view.
P327 bottom view.
P327 bottom view.