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OSVR1-0,4 Single-phase dry transformer OSVR1-0, 4.


It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.
Single-phase dry transformer OSVR1-0,4 (OSVR10,4, OSVR-1-0,4, OSVR 1 0,4)
Single-phase dry transformer OSVR1-0,4 multi-purpose use.
Product Specifications-phase dry-type transformers OSVR1-0,4:
Transformers Series OSVR1-0, 4 (single, dry, for explosion-proof equipment and mine) with a capacity of 0.4 kV ∙ A voltage up to 660V primary winding designed to control supply and coal mine explosion-proof equipment.
Transformers are manufactured export performance as the primary winding voltage: 115V, 230V, 240V, 400V, 415V, 440V and 550V.
Single-phase dry transformer OSVR1-0,4 is available for use in temperate and tropical climates.
Transformers of the same type of various climatic conditions are the same for all electrical parameters, design, marker, adjusting sizes and differ only in the protective coatings.
Single-phase dry transformer OSVR1-0,4 made ​​on Wit split cores of cold-rolled electrical steel.
Coil transformers - frame construction, a copper wire windings are made from heat-resistant insulation.
Single-phase dry transformer OSVR1-0,4 in the collection of moisture-resistant insulating varnish impregnated to install vacuum impregnation.
Terminals are located on the transformer insulation pads of Arc resistance of plastic.
Transformers have improved insulation, which increases the security of their services, have increased resistance to overvoltages in the network.