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    Plug load NV-B
    Also, this device can be called: NVB, NV B.
    Fork load NV-B is used for determining the charging availability and alkaline and acid of the traction battery with the open interconnections, and also for measuring the electromotive force or voltage.
    Rated voltage - 1.2 V and 2 V.
    Nominal capacity - up to 500 A / h


    Current load - 100 A.
    Voltage - V. 3-0-3
    Type voltmeter - M1001M.
    Graduation voltmeter - 0.2 V.
    Shunt resistance - 0,02 ± 5%.
    Product Weight NV-B - no more than 0.5 kg.
    Protection - U and T.
    Category placement - 2, 3, 4, 4.1, 4.2.
    Plug load NV-B consist of a two-way magnetoelectric voltmeter deflection and load resistance, which are connected in parallel. For convenient use of the instrument are leather and two metal rods - probe with pointed ends. Using probes plug load NV-B is connected to the battery terminals.
    After connecting the probe voltage voltmeter should hold steady for 5 seconds, then the probe is disconnected. According to the obtained voltage value set battery charge.
    It is impossible to determine the degree of charge only a voltmeter without terminating resistors because the voltmeter at idle only measures the electromotive force of the battery.

Photos: NV-B

NV-B device image.
NV-B device image.
NV-B front view.
NV-B front view.
NV-B side view.
NV-B side view.
NV-B rear view.
NV-B rear view.
NV-B overhead view.
NV-B overhead view.
NV-B overall dimensions.
NV-B overall dimensions.

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