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N398 Phase Shift N398.


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Phase meter N398 (N 398, N-398)
N398 phase meter is designed for measurement and continuous recording of the power factor in single-phase AC networks 50Hz.
Measuring range - 0.5 (capacitive) -1-0,5 (ind).
Rated Voltage - 100V, 127V, 220V, 380V.
Rated Current - 5A.
Accuracy class - 2.5.
Technical characteristics of the devices phasemeter N398:
Designed to measure and continuously record the power factor in single-phase AC networks 50Hz.
The ambient air temperature - from 5 º C to 50 ° C.
Relative humidity of ambient air - up to 80% (at +30 ° C).
Class of accuracy of the instrument phase meter N398 - 2.5.
Record readings done in ink on the ribbon diagram in rectangular coordinates.
The amount of ink, contains a reservoir ink-phase meter N398 device provides a continuous record of the testimony on the diagram tape for at least 30 days.
Working width of the ribbon diagram - 100mm.
The length of the diagram tape - not less than 15m.
Mechanism to move the diagram tape device has a phase meter N398 device for determining the amount of orientation diagram on tape lentopodayuschey coil.
Countdown to the testimony of the diagram tape produced by shkalnoy line, which bear the same mark as on the scale of the instrument.
To drive belt diagram phase meter N398 device used synchronous motor powered by an AC frequency of 50Hz 220V.
Devices have six-speed movement of the diagram tape: 20mm / h and 60mm / h and 180mm / h and 600mm / h, 1800 mm / h, 5400mm / h, which are installed by changing a couple of gears.
Accuracy class of the mechanism of the instrument phase meter N398 conveying belt diagram 0.5.
Rated Voltage - 100V, 127V, 220V, 380V.
Rated current phase meter unit N398 - 5A.
Overall dimensions (Fig. 1) and weight.
Type of device
L (mm)
Weight (kg)
Fig. 1.