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Aspiration psychrometer MV-4M (MV 4M, MV4M, MV-4-2M, MV 4 2M, MV42M)
Designed to determine the relative humidity and temperature in the terrestrial environment, indoors and outdoors.
The certificate number 15439. State registry № 10069-01.
Psychrometer work is based on the dependence of temperature differences of dry and "wet" thermometer for subsequent calculation of parameters of air humidity on special psychrometric tables or graphics, and temperature - on the dry bulb temperature.

* The range of temperature measurement from -25 to +50 o C.
* Measuring range "wet" thermometer -10 to +50 o C.
* Measuring range relative humidity at a temperature of +5 to +40 degrees from 10 to 100%.
* Error depending on the temperature ± 2 to 6%.
* Time unwinding spring of at least 8 min.Ckorost airflow (aspiration) when the fan should be on the fourth minute of not less than 2.0 m / sek.Gabaritnye dimensions Ø105 x 420 mm.
* Weight of 1.2 kg.
* The spring winding mechanism of MV-4-2M is put a special key.

Photos МВ-4М

MV-4M device image.
MV-4M device image.
MV-4M accessories and spare parts.
MV-4M accessories and spare parts.
MV-4M front view.
MV-4M front view.