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Psychrometer M-34M

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Psychrometer M-34M aspiration laboratory (M34M, M-34-M, M 34 M, m-34m, M34-M M34 M, m34m, m-34-m, m 34 m, m34-m, m34 m)
Psychrometer M-34M aspiration laboratory designed to determine the relative humidity and air temperature on the ground in indoor and outdoor.
Certificate № 15 439. State Register № 10069-01.
Work psychrometer M-34M is based on the dependence of the temperature differences of dry and "wet" thermometer for the subsequent calculation of parameters of air humidity on special psychrometric chart or table and the air temperature - dry bulb temperature on the testimony.
Technical characteristics of the devices psychrometers M-34M suction laboratory:
The range of air temperature - from -25 º C to +50 o C.
Measuring range "wet" thermometer psychrometer unit M-34M aspiration laboratory - from -10 º C to +50 o C.
Measuring range relative humidity at temperatures between +5 º C to +40 º C - 10% to 100%.
The error in the temperature dependence of the instrument aspirating psychrometer laboratory M-34M - from ± 2% to 6%.
Time unwinding the spring - at least 8 minutes.
Velocity of air flow (suction) when the fan should be on any minute - not less than 2.0 m / sec.
Power supply psychrometer M-34M aspiration laboratory - AC 220V.
Power consumption - less than 30 V ∙ A.
Overall dimensions psychrometer M-34M aspiration laboratory:
- Diameter - 105mm;
- Length - 400mm.
Weight - no more than 1.3 kg.
The spring winding mechanism psychrometer unit M-34M aspiration laboratory runs an electric motor.
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Photos Psychrometer M-34M

M-34M device image.
M-34M device image.