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MSR-63 (МСР-63, mcp-63) A resistance of MCP-63.

MSR-63 (МСР-63, mcp-63)

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Resistance box MSR-63 (MSR63, MSR 63, mcp-63, mcp63, mcp 63)
Resistance box MSR-63 is designed to work in DC as a measure of electrical resistance.
Technical characteristics of the instrument stores the resistance of MSR-63:
The device has a resistance value from 0.035 ohms to 111,111.1 ohms steps in 0.01 ohms;
Basic error (at 20 º C ± 2 º C) - does not exceed ± (0,05 +0,02 m / R)%, where m - number of decades the store, R - value included the resistance, Ohm;
Rated output stage device resistance box MSR-63 of 1 ohm and above is 0.1 W, max power - 0.5 watts;
The current flowing through the device shall not exceed the values ​​given in Table 1;
Table 1
Included decade resistance
h10000 Ohm
h1000 Ohm
x100 ohm
x10 Ohm
x1 ohms
x0, 1 W
x0, 01 ohm
Permissible current
0.007 A
0.022 A
0.07 A
0.22 A
0.7 A
0.07 A
0.7 A
Note. with increasing power to the permissible value of 0.5 W, the class of accuracy of the instrument a resistance of MSR-63 is reduced to 0.1, with the primary error of the instrument at an ambient temperature of 20 º C ± 5 º C is given by ± (0,1 +0,04 m / R)%;
Additional error of the instrument caused by changes in ambient temperature between 15 º C to 30 º C, less than for every 5 º temperature change than half the value of the basic error;
All nodes appliances shop MSR-63 resistance mounted on a metal panel on the outer side of which is plotted for the necessary endorsement;
Dimensions - 180h245h345mm;
Weight - 7kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device resistance box MSR-63 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documents.