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    Deadweight pressure gauge MP-6
    Also, this device can be called: MP6, MP 6. 

    Deadweight gauges MP-6 - used to play the unit size of excess fluid pressure, as well as for checking and adjusting the reference and working spring gauges and other pressure instrument.
    At the heart of robots instrument MP-6 is creating pressure under the piston, which rotates by hand in a coaxial cylinder loading by measuring piston system loads.
    Scope MP-6: verification, calibration, metrological certification, calibration and testing of measuring equipment pressure.

    Accuracy class MF-6 - 0.02 0.05 (Table 1).
    Upper limit of measurement (playback) - 0.6 MPa (6 kg / cm 2).
    The lower limit of measurement (playback) - 0.04 MPa (0.4 kgf / cm 2).
    Nominal area of the piston - 1 cm 2.
    Time free rotation of the piston - at least 4 minutes.
    Tolerance real value here piston area of the nominal - less than ± 0,4%.
    Working fluid - transformer oil.
    Nominal value of the mass of the piston with a load device, for MP-6 - no more than 0.4 x 0.98 kg. 
Table 1
Appointment setting
MP-6 cells. ie 0.02
MP-6 cells. ie 0.05
Maximum permissible relative error
± 0,05%
The threshold of sensitivity of MP-6
not more than 6 Pa
not more than 15 Pa.
Maximum lowering speed of the piston
not more than 0.5 mm/min
not more than 0.8 mm/min
The minimum duration of the rotation of the piston gauge MP-6
at least 4 minutes.
at least 3 min.
not more than 45 kg
50 kg
Overall dimensions
not more than 470x550x470
not more than 800x600x435
    Terms of use of the appliance deadweight gauge MP-6:

    Ambient - 15 º C to 30 º C.
    Relative humidity - 60 ± 20%.
    Atmospheric pressure - from 84 kPa to 106.7 kPa.
    MTBF - 40,000 hours
    Average life - 8 years.
    The manufacturer provides a guarantee the compliance of the deadweight gauge MP-6 all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: MP-6

MP-6 deadweight image.
MP-6 deadweight image.
MP-6 front view.
MP-6 front view.
MP-6 side view.
MP-6 side view.
MP-6 rear view.
MP-6 rear view.
MP-6 side view.
MP-6 side view.
MP-6 overhead view.
MP-6 overhead view.
MP-6 bottom view.
MP-6 bottom view.