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   The display module MI80 (MI 80, MI-80)

    The display module MI80 - a device designed to display the measurement results multifunctional transducers SCHM120, ENIP-2.
    The display - LED.
    Display values ​​- all the options and SCHM120 ENIP-2.
    Power consumption - less than 7 watts.
    Dimensions of the front-panel 80 × 80mm.
    Weight - 0.4 kg.
    MI80 Display modules can be used in converters in power plants, substations, control and distribution points industries and utilities.

    Specifications MI80

    Settings screen MI80 (brightness, contrast, screen refresh time, while in sleep mode) are set individually. Measurement results can be viewed as a digital display or the arrow in the form of graphs, depending on the wishes of the user.

    MI80 display module can be located away from the transducer in a convenient position for the user. Exchange of data between devices is via RS-485 (protocol ModBus RTU), the rate of exchange - 9600bps / s 19200bit / s 38400bit / s 57600bit / s.
    The modules MI80 indicator provided for easy navigation, search devices on the network by name, and to protect data from unauthorized access password is set.

    Operating conditions MI80

    MI80 display module is designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient air temperature - from -40 ° C to +55 ° C;
    - Relative humidity of the environment - not more than 95% (at +35 ° C).