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Milliammeter M903/2 (m903 2, m-903 2, m 903 2, m903/2, m-903/2, m 903/2, m-903-2, m 903-2)
Milliammeter M903/2 are designed to measure current in DC.

Specifications milliammeter M903/2

Designation M903/2
Limit of measurement - 1mA, 2mA, 3mA, 5mA, 7,5mA, 10mA, 15mA, 20mA, 25mA, 30mA, 50mA, 75mA, 100mA, 150mA, 200mA, 300mA, 500mA, 750mA, 1000mA, 1mA-0mA-1mA, 2mA -0mA-2mA, 3mA-0mA-3mA, 5mA-0mA-5mA, 7,5mA-0mA-7,5mA, 10mA-0mA-10mA, 15mA-0mA-15mA, 20mA-0mA-20mA, 25mA-0mA-25mA , 30mA-0mA-30mA, 50mA-0mA-50mA, 75mA-0mA-75mA, 100mA-0mA-100mA, 150mA-0mA-150mA, 200mA-0mA-200mA, 300mA-0mA-300mA, 500mA-0mA-500mA, 750mA -0mA-500mA, 1000mA-0mA-1000mA.
Accuracy class - 1.0, 1.5.
Internal resistance (max) 2000 ohms.
Normal position: vertical, horizontal.
Test voltage insulation strength 2kV under normal conditions.
Milliammeter M903 / 2 stand:
- Out of service attacks with maximum acceleration 70 l/s2 a frequency of 10-50 beats per minute (the total number of strokes - 2000)
- Vibration with a maximum acceleration of 15 m/s2 at 30 Hz
Dimensions: 120x105x64 mm
Device weight: not more than 0.3 kg
Of precious metals:
platinum - 0.0018 g in the alloy, silver.

Climatic working conditions of milliammeter M903/2:

Air temperature: ° C from -50 to +60
Relative humidity 95% (+35 ° C)
Atmospheric pressure, kPa 60-106
Attention! When mounting the fastening screws into the unit to a depth of no more than 5mm.

The delivery milliammeter M903/2

Device - 1 pc.
Passport - 1 copy.
Calibrated wire in accordance with GOST 1609-76 (for devices up to 75 mV) - 2.

Acceptance certificate M903/2

The device meets the TU25-04-853-76 and found fit for service.

Information about packaging M903/2

Packaging equipment milliammeter M903/2, marking packaging and documentation are placed in boxes correspond to State Standards 9181-74.


The manufacturer guarantees that the device requirements of TU if the consumer operating, transportation and storage.
The warranty period is 18 months from the date of putting the unit into operation.
Warranty period - 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Photos M903/2

M903/2 front view (scale).
M903/2 front view (scale).
M903/2 side view (casing depth).
M903/2 side view (casing depth).
M903/2 rear view (connection). Zoom.
M903/2 rear view (connection). Zoom.