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M42611 Ammeter M42611, M42611 voltmeter, ammeter M42611, M42611 millivolt.


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Ammeter M42611, M42611 voltmeter, microammeter M42611, M42611 millivoltmeter (m 42611, m-42611)
Dimensions - 72h72mm, cut into 68mm board.
Class of accuracy - 1.5-2.5.
Vibration resistant, shockproof and vibration.
Technical characteristics of the devices M42611 ammeters, voltmeters, M42611, M42611 microammeter, millivoltmeters M42611:
Have a square face plates with dimensions in accordance with European standards and mezzanine round of the case.
Measuring instruments mechanism ammeter M42611, M42611 voltmeter, microammeter M42611, M42611 millivoltmeter - magnetoelectric system, the location of the mechanism in the body - the central.
 Type of device
Dimensions of front panel
Cutout in the panel
The length scale devices M42611 devices ammeter, voltmeter M42611, M42611 microammeter, millivoltmeter M42611, not less
Class of accuracy
1.5, 2.5
Weight of equipment devices ammeter M42611, M42611 voltmeter, microammeter M42611, M42611 millivoltmeter, no more
0.15 kg
uA - 25mkA; * * 30mkA; 50mkA
temperature -30 º C. .. +50 º C, vіdnosna vologіst 90% at +30 º C. temperaturі
priskorennya 5m / s 2 ... 30 m / s 2
frequency of 10Hz ... 70Hz.
priskorennya 50m / s 2
frequency udarіv 10 ... 50 to hvilinu.
mV - 25mV, 50mV, 75mV, 150mV, 300mV, 500mV, 750mV, 1000mV
іz kalіbrovanimi support wires 0.035 ohms
* - Tіlki s nulovoyu vіdmіtkoyu vseredinі scale