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Ammeter M4252, M4252 microammeter (M 4252, M-4252)
Ammeter M4252, M4252 microammeter designed to measure current in dc circuits of radio equipment operating in severe conditions of mechanical and environmental impacts.
Dimensions - 80h80h49mm.
Accuracy class 1.5 and 2.5.
Shockproof, vibration.
Technical characteristics of the devices ammeters M4252, M4252 microammeter:
The final value of unilateral and bilateral symmetrical instrument scale - 50mkA, 100mkA, 200mkA, 300mkA, 500mkA and 1000mkA.
The voltage drop across the device ammeter M4252, M4252 microammeter - no more than 150mV.
Way to incorporate - directly.
Gauges Ammeter M4252, M4252 microammeter in tropical version designed to work in a tropical climate with an operating range of temperatures from -10 º C to +55 º C and relative humidity of 98% (at 35 º C).

Photos M4252

M4252 front view (scale).
M4252 front view (scale).
M4252 side view (casing depth).
M4252 side view (casing depth).
M4252 rear view (connection).
M4252 rear view (connection).