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    Voltmeter M4-2 (M4-2, M-4, 2; m4-2; m 4-2; m-4-2)
    Voltmeter M4-2 - analog panel meters with a moving-coil system frame for measuring voltage in DC circuits.

    Accuracy class: 2.5.
    Measuring range: 0 - 7.5 V.
    Switching type: direct.

    Voltmeters M4-2 can be used in industrial enterprises and power companies in the electrical interconnection networks, as well as electrical engineering companies to complete the power equipment.

Features M4-2:

    - Linear scale allows accurate measurements over the entire range of readings, including at small values ​​of the measured signal;
    - The use of magneto-type idler maintains the characteristics of the devices for the duration of the service.

    Change readings caused deviation of the ambient temperature (20 ± 5) º C does not exceed 1.2%.

    Voltmeter M4-2 is designed for use under the following conditions:
    - Air temperature: from -30 to +50 º C;
    - Relative humidity: 90% at 30 ° C.

Photos: M4-2

M4-2 front view (scale).
M4-2 front view (scale).
M4-2 side view (casing depth).
M4-2 side view (casing depth).
M4-2 rear view (connection).
M4-2 rear view (connection).