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Voltmeter M369M (M 369 M, M-369-M, M369 M, M369-M, M 369M, M-369M)
Designed to measure the voltage for electrolysis baths in the normal mode and to indicate the anode effect.
Dimensions - 230h180h127mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Resistant to shaking, vibration.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters M369M:
Instruments used in ambient temperatures from -20 º C to +50 ° C, containing a pair of fluoride, at a relative humidity of 80% and in the presence of strong magnetic fields of the order of 8000A / m (100e).
The final value of the measurement range instrument voltmeter M369M - 10V.
The main error of the instrument does not exceed ± 1,5% of full scale range.
Current consumption measurement mechanism unit voltmeter M369M - 1mA.
Settling time of the mobile device - ≤ 4s.
Working position of the instrument voltmeter M369M - vertical.
The scale of the instrument - the uniform.
Change the voltmeter readings M369M does not exceed 1.5% of full scale measurement range with a deviation of ambient temperature of 20 º C ± 5 ° C (in the range from -20 º C to +50 ° C) for every 10 degrees and under the influence of external magnetic field strength of 8000A / m (100e).
Overall dimensions do not exceed 230h180h127mm.
Weight equipment - 3.0 kg.
The instrument voltmeter M369M magnetoelectric system, cores and thrust.
The measuring mechanism located in the Dust case.
On top of the casing is placed lamp.
The device is equipped with a voltmeter M369M Zener, enabling them to use the same measuring mechanism under both normal and accident conditions.

Photos M369M

M369M front view (scale).
M369M front view (scale).
M369M side view (casing depth).
M369M side view (casing depth).
M369M rear view (connection).
M369M rear view (connection).