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Wattmeter M3-5A (M35A, M-3-5A, M 3 5A, M3 5A)
Wattmeter M3-5A is designed to measure the pulsed power high-frequency signals.
Technical characteristics of the devices wattmeters M3-5A:
The range of frequencies - 30MHz-1000MHz;
Input impedance power meter with an accuracy that ensures KCVN voltage of 75-ohm line connected directly to the input power meter, no more than 1.3 - 75 ohms;
The limits of the measurement scales for pulsed power wattmeter (mean power not exceeding 500W) - 0.5 kW-500 kW;
The dependence of the power meter readings M3-5A on the frequency and power level takes into account amendments to schedules;
The main wattmeter measurement error in the measurement at the input wattmeter (excluding mismatch error) - no more than ± 25%;
Note: The basic error in the measurement of the power unit wattmeter M3-5A in the pulse can not be guaranteed if the RF pulse contains harmonics of the fundamental frequencies.
Additional wattmeter measurement error due to changes in supply voltage of ± 10% - no more than ± 1%;
Additional measurement error of the device power meter M3-5A for every 10 ° C at ambient temperature deviation from the normal 20 º C ± 5 ° C - no more than ± 5%;
Power meter keeps its specifications within the rules established by the specifications, with its power from the AC:
- Voltage - 220V ± 22V;
- Frequency - 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz;
- Harmonic content - Up to 5%;
The device is a power meter M3-5A allows continuous operation of the operating conditions for 8 hours;
The level of acoustic noise generated during operation wattmeter at a distance of 1 m from the power meter - no more than 70dBA;
The power consumed from the mains wattmeter at rated voltage of 220 V, 50 Hz - not more than 200V ∙ A;
Mean time between the device power meter M3-5A absorbed power failures - at least 5,000 hours;
Dimensions - 350h390h470mm;
Weight - 40kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the unit absorbed power wattmeter M3-5A technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: M3-5A

M3-5A wattmeter image.
M3-5A wattmeter image.
M3-5A front view.
M3-5A front view.
M3-5A side view.
M3-5A side view.
M3-5A rear view.
M3-5A rear view.
M3-5A overhead view.
M3-5A overhead view.
M3-5A bottom view.
M3-5A bottom view.