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Electrical measuring instruments >> analog panel meters >> ammeters and voltmeters >> DC >> size 80x80mm


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    Ammeter M268K (M-268K, M 268K, M268 K, M-268 K, M-268 K; m268k; m-268k; m 268k; m268 k; m-268 k; m-268 k)
    Ammeter M268K - panel meter to measure DC current.
    Accuracy class - 2.5.
    Measurement range - 0 - 100uA.
    Overall dimensions - 80 × 80mm.
    A way to incorporate - directly.
    Specifications M268K

    Settling time moving part of the ammeter is not more than 3 seconds ..
    Ammeter M268K have time to failure of at least 32,000 hours. The average life span of 15 years.
    M268K ammeters suitable for use at temperatures from -40 º C to +55 º C. Relative humidity should be no more than 98% (at +35 º C).
    Devices M268K made ​​in the body splash proof and able to withstand:
    - Vibration acceleration 20m/s2, frequency of 25Hz;
    - Hitting acceleration 100m/s2, frequency 80-120 beats per minute.