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M196 Galvanometer M196.


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Galvanometer M196 (M 196, M-196)
Galvanometer M196 is designed for zero measurement overhead and compensation schemes.
The device has a modification galvanometer M196T.
Technical characteristics of the devices galvanometers M196:
Alteration Graduation current Resistance
internal external
M196 / 1
M196 / 2
0.3 × 10 -8 A, 23.10 -6 A
6.10 -8 A, 0.6 x 10 -6 A
1300 Ohm
6 ohms
3300 Ohm
6 ohms
Price change dividing device M196 galvanometer current switch is "x1", "x5", "x25", "100";
The period of free oscillations - no more than 2c;
The length of the instrument scale galvanometer M196 - 140mm with a light pointer;
Power - 127V-220V, 50Hz;
Dimensions of the device galvanometer M196 - 100h160h185mm;
Weight - 1.6 kg;
Ambient temperature - from 0 º C to +50 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 80%;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument galvanometer M196 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.