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The converter galvanometer M031 (M-031, M 031, MO31)
Transmitter M031 galvanometer designed to perform the summation and dividing electrical signals and record the results of these operations, the light beam in a general-purpose oscilloscopes svetoluchevyh.
The device carries out the division of variable amplitude and sign of the signal to a unipolar signal.
Product Specifications transducers galvanometer M031:
Natural Frequency -;
Sensitivity Optical - 2000mm / (mA ∙ m);
Electrical Sensitivity - 4mV/mA ​​2;
The resistance of galvanometer M031 transmitter products:
- Input 1 - 150 ohms;
- Input 2 - 135 ohms;
The greatest current converter products galvanometer M031:
- Input 1 - 0.2 mA;
- Input 2 - 50mA;
Minimum current unipolar signal - 3 mA;
The difference between the emf at the output transducer (asymmetry of the electric output) when the polarity of the input signal does not exceed 5%;
The uneven deflection of the light spot (non-linearity of the optical output) product galvanometer M031 transmitter - no more than 5%;
Non-return of the light spot in the zero position is less than 2mm;
Dimensions of the product galvanometer M031 transmitter - 77h24h9mm;
Weight - 70 g;
Mean time between failure of the product galvanometer M031 transmitter - at least 1,250 hours;
Use the oscilloscope N071.6M;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument transformer M031 galvanometer technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.