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KTS-403-100 Material testing machines torsion CCC-403-100.


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Material testing machines torsion KTS-403-100 (KTS403100, KTS 403 100, KTS403-100, KTS403 100, KTS-403100, KTS 403100)
Material testing machines torsion KTS-403-100 is designed for testing samples of metal torsion test bolts in order to control the quality of the surface of the thread, and others, in the technical capabilities of the machine.
The microprocessor control machine provides:
- Data entry and keyboard control in the dialog;
- Testing of a given algorithm;
- Complete automation of the test;
- A mathematical processing of the results of the test;
- Provision of information on the results of tests on the display;
- Communication with external devices.
Specifications instruments material testing machines torsion KTS-403-100:
Maximum effort - 10kN;
Force measurement range instrument machine KTS-403-100 material testing in torsion - 0.4 kN, 10kN;
Maximum torque - 100 nm;
Measuring range torque - 4 nm-100 nm;
Power consumption of the device material testing machines torsion KTS-403-100 - less than 1 kW;
Size - no more 800h1500h1200mm;
Weight of the device material testing machines torsion KTS-403-100 - no more than 500 kg;
Limits of error of measurement efforts - 1% over the entire range of measurement;
Limits of error of measurement of torque from the measured value in the whole range of measurement instrument for materials testing machine torsion KTS-403-100:
- Class A - 1%;
- Accuracy class B - 2%;
- Class B - 5%;
Relative humidity - 10% to 80% (non-condensing)
The fixture machine for testing materials in torsion KTS-403-100 - single phase 230V/400V, frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz;
Additional agreement in package may include:
- Grips and accessories for testing of materials;
- Software and hardware (computer, TFT monitor, laser printer) with special software;
- Reference dynamometer tension TS601DERE third-grade-3-0, 5 and 0, 25, TS601DERE-3-10-0, 25, TS601DERE-3-100-0, 25, TS601DERE-3-500-0, 25, TS601DERE-3-1000-0, 25 TU4273-005-99369822-08;
- Portable electronic torque gauge reference 2nd class type TC 602 MEPE-2-2000I, TC 602 MEPE-2-500I, 602 TC MEPE-2-200I, 602 TC MEPE-2-50I;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device material testing machines torsion KTS-403-100 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.