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Machine for compression testing IP6083-500.0 (IP6083500.0, IP-6083-500.0, IP 6083 500.0, IP6083 500.0)
Machine for compression testing IP6083-500.0 is for static compression tests of standard samples of concrete, bricks and other building materials.
The device has a torsion siloizmerenie and with accessories and devices to enable them to carry out the test:
- Brick in bending;
- Welded flat samples to bend;
- Concrete tensile cracking or bending;
- Halves samples prisms in compression.
Technical characteristics of the instrument testing machine compression IP6083-500.0:
The highest load limit - 500kN;
Type siloizmeritelya device testing machine compression IP6083-500.0 - torsion;
The number of load ranges - 2;
Measuring ranges of loads:
- 20kN, 200kN;
- 50kN, 500kN;
Unit price of the smallest category of instrument testing machine compression IP6083-500.0 - 0.4 kN, 1.0 kN;
Limits of error of measurement of the load - ± 1%;
Usable height - 360mm;
The width of the workspace - 340mm;
Stroke Piston - 100mm;
The highest rate of the piston cylinder unit working machine for compression testing IP6083-500.0 without load - 240mm/min;
Size bearing plates - 320h320mm;
Range of loading rates - 0.5 kN/s-25kN/s;
The maximum permissible errors to maintain the rate of loading device testing machine compression IP6083-500.0 from 0.2 maximum load limit the car to the breaking load of the sample - ± 20%;
Oil Capacity - 50 liters;
Power options - 380V, 50Hz;
Power consumption - no more than 1.5 kW;
Dimensions of the unit testing machine compression IP6083-500.0 - 1160h605h1620mm;
Weight - no more than 710kg;
Optionally the device machine IP6083 500.0 compression testing can be equipped with:
- Adjusted NB 4,061,010 for bending test of welded flat samples;
- NB 4,061,050 device for testing concrete tensile fracture;
- NB 4,061,049 device for testing samples halves prisms in compression;
- NB 4,061,075 device for testing cement samples halves cross members in compression;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument testing machine compression IP6083-500.0 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

Photos: IP6083-500.0

IP6083-500.0 machine image.
IP6083-500.0 machine image.