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    Gas analyzer Infrakar M-3T.02 - a portable instrument for measuring the volumetric fraction of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) (based on hexane), carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O 2) in the exhaust gases of vehicles with petrol engines.

    Also this device can be called: Infrakar M3T.02; Infrakar M 3.02; Infrakar M-3T/02; Infrakar M-ZT.02; Infrakar MZT.02; Infrakar M 3T.02; Infrakar M-3T/02; Infrakar M-3T.O2; Infrakar M3T.O2; Infrakar M 3T.O2; Infrakar M-3T/O2; Infrakar M-3T.O2; Infrakar M3T.O2; Infrakar M 3.O2; Infrakar M-3T/O2.
    Accuracy class - 0.
    The volume fraction of CO - 0 to 5%.
    The volume fraction of CH - 0 to 2000mln.
    The volume fraction of CO 2 - 0 to 16%.
    Volume fraction of O 2 - from 0 to 21%.

    Rotational speed - 0 to 6000rpm.
    Power supply - 12V/220V.
    Power consumption - less than 30W.
    Overall dimensions - 355 × 330 × 180mm.
    Weight - no more than 10kg.
    Structural features of M-Infrakar 3T.02

    Gas analyzers Infrakar M-3T.02 have low inertia and have automatic condensate drain and purge zero. Indication - LED. Digit height - 14 mm.
    Devices Infrakar M-3T.02 completed the program for the graphical display and process gas analyzer readings on a PC. The design of the M-Infrakar 3T.02 has built-in printer, connection to a PC is via bluetooth or RS-232 channel.
    Specifications Infrakar M-3T.02

    In the gas analyzer Infrakar M-3T.02 there are channels for the measurement of engine speed and engine oil temperature vehicles.
    Gas analyzer Infrakar M-3T.02 allows the relative error of measurement channels, the value of which is given in Table 1.

    Table 1.
Relative error
Absolute error
± 0,03%
± 3%
± 10%
± 5%
CO 2
± 0,5%
± 4%
About 2
± 0,1%
± 3%
    Warm device Infrakar M 3T.02 does not exceed 30 minutes at an ambient temperature of 20 C. ᵒ Setting time analyzer - no more than 30 seconds. Response time on channel 2 device - no more than 60 seconds.
    For Infrakar M-3T.02 MTBF of 10,000 hours, and the average life of equipment - 10 years.

Photos: Infrakar M-3T.02

Infrakar M-3T.02 device image.
Infrakar M-3T.02 device image.

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