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    The signal generator G4-42 (G-4-42; G 4 42, G 4-42; G4 42)

    Product G4-42 - high-frequency generator, designed to configure and test electronic equipment.
    Frequency - 0.012 MHz - 10 MHz.
    Supply voltage, frequency - 220 V, 50 Hz, 115 VAC, 400 Hz.
    Power Consumption - 100W.
    Overall dimensions - 388 × 289 × 285mm.
    Weight - 18kg.

    Specifications G4-42

    The device may be the main error of frequency on a scale of 1%. Additional error when the temperature is 10 º C - 0.7%.
    Generator G4-42 subject to the following changes of frequency:
    - When adjusting the signal level - 0,03 F;
    - After warming up during the 1:00 - 0,0002 F +20 Hz;
    - Parasitic frequency deviation in either CW - 0,003 F.
    The limits of the output voltage calibrated, which allows the generator G4-42 is in the range of 0.1 mV - 110mV. The highest level of uncalibrated voltage is 1V.
    Generators G4-42 allow the following error:
    - Set the reference voltage - 4%;
    - Setting attenuator - 11%.
    The instability of the reference voltage after the warm-up was 2.5%. Harmonic Distortion generator output is 5%.
    Parasitic amplitude modulation either CW - 1%. The frequency of the internal amplitude modulation of 0.4 kHz, 1 kHz. Limits set the modulation depth - 10% - 95%. The basic error of the depth of modulation generator G4-42 is 5%. The basic error of the depth of modulation for external modulation - no more than 10%.
    Voltage of the modulating signal G4-42 - up to 80V. External modulation frequency range - in the range of 0.05 kHz - 10 kHz. Change limit external modulation depth - 10% - 95%. Total harmonic distortion of the output signal generator G4-42 is 5%.
    Generator G4-42 is ready for operation after 30 minutes. Operating temperature of the device is in the range from -10 º C to 40 º C. Relative humidity - 90%.

    Storage G4-42

    Generators G4-42 Storage stability under the following conditions:
    - Air temperature 10 C-35 C;
    - Relative humidity - up to 80% (at 20 C);
    - The room is free of dust, fumes, acids, alkalis and corrosive gases.
    Devices that come to the warehouse user and intended to operate earlier than six months from the date of receipt may be stored in compressed form.
    Generators G4-42, arrived for long-term storage (more than six months) are exempt from a shipping container, under the conditions specified above, unless otherwise specified in the conditions of delivery.

Photos: G4-42

G4-42 generator image.
G4-42 generator image.
G4-42 front view.
G4-42 front view.
G4-42 side view.
G4-42 side view.