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    Standard signal generator GSS-6 (GSS 6; GSS6; gss-6; gss 6; gss6)

    Standard signal generator GSS-6 - a portable laboratory instrument used to configure, control and testing of radio receiving equipment, as well as for a variety of measurements requiring sources calibrated in frequency, voltage, and the depth of modulation.
    Range of frequencies 0.1 to 25 MHz;
    The limits of the output voltage at the cable end loaded:
    - Resistance of 0.8 ohms to 0.1 1000mkV;
    - 8 Ohm impedance of 1.0 to 10000mkV;
    - Resistance to 40Om 10 to 100000mkV.
    The voltage in the range from 0 to 1.0 V is removed from a special socket with an output impedance of 40 ohms.
    Calibration frequency error not exceeding ± 1%.
    GSS-6 generator housed in a metal case for easy carrying. Dimensions generators GSS-6 are 530 × 335 × 325mm, weighs about 25kg. The instrument used lamp: 6S5 - 1 pc., 6K7 - 1 pc., 6TS5S - 1 pc., 6F6S (6F6) - 1 pc., 6G7 - 1 pc., 6H6S - 2 pcs.

    Technical characteristics

    The device is powered from the AC mains to 50Hz and 110V or 220V, permitted variations from 100 to 140V and 160 to 230V. The voltage required to obtain a modulation depth of 80%, 100V.
    Accuracy of output voltage of the generator does not exceed:
    - With frequencies up to 2MHz: ± 3%;
    - At up to 10 MHz: ± 5%;
    - With a frequency above 10MHz: ± 25%.

    Generators GSS-6 have these types of modulation:
    - Internal - amplitude frequency of 400 Hz and a depth of 5% to 100%. (Modulation error of SCA-6: 4 ± 5% at a modulation depth of 50% and ± 10% modulation depth of more than 50%);
    - External - amplitude, frequency from 50 to 4000 Hz at a carrier frequency of 100 to 400 kHz and a frequency of 50 to 8000Hz at a carrier frequency of 400kHz to 25MHz.
    The maximum value of total harmonic distortion at a modulation depth of up to 80% ± 5%.    
    Eneratory T REG-6 are intended for use at ambient temperature of +10 to +35 ° C and relative humidity of 80%.

Photos: GSS-6

GSS-6 generator image.
GSS-6 generator image.