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Low-frequency signal generator G3-117 (G3117, G3 117, GB-117)

Low-frequency signal generator G3-117 is used to work in automated systems with a record of results for one-and two-coordinate recorder.
Advantages of the generator - a smooth overlap the entire frequency range, the automatic frequency control devices and the availability of compression.
For an accurate reading of the set output frequency low-frequency signal generator unit G3-117 uses a built-ESCH. Measuring the output napryazheniyageneratora, input voltage devices compression and compression level is an integrated electronic voltmeter.
Operation of the unit low-frequency signal generator G3-117 is based on the principle of beating the two RF signals. Frequency tuning is performed using a DC voltage in one of three ways:
- From manual control of frequency;
- The built-in generator electronic scanning;
- From an external timebase.
The development can be carried out in a linear or logarithmic. The built-in scanner unit low-frequency signal generator G3-117 provides single and multiple scan frequencies between the regulated limits the frequency with the ability to start, stop and change the direction of the sweep.
Compression apparatus bass instrument signal generator G3-117 is used to automatically adjust the level by a signal from an external sensor to a special exit.
Technical characteristics of the instrument low-frequency signal generator G3-117:
Frequency range:
- 20Hz-2kHz, 20Hz-20kHz, 20Hz-200kHz - linear scale;
- 20Hz-2kHz, 20Hz-20kHz, 200Hz-200kHz - logarithmic scale;
The basic error of frequency bass instrument signal generator G3-117:
Time of the account from
Frequency band
± (2 ∙ 10 -5 ƒ +0,01)%
± (2 ∙ 10 -5 ƒ +0,1)%
± (2 ∙ 10 -5 ƒ +1)%
± (2 ∙ 10 -5 ƒ +0,1)%
± (2 ∙ 10 -5 ƒ +1)%
± (2 ∙ 10 -5 ƒ +10)%

where ƒ - nominal frequency in Hz;
Power output of the device low-frequency signal generator G3-117 - 1.5 W (50 ohms) (exit 1);
Output voltage:
- 5V - 50 ohms and 600 ohms outputs 2 and 3, respectively;
- 10V - with high impedance loads;
Harmonic Distortion:
- 0.2% - 100 Hz-100 kHz;
- 0.3% - 20Hz-100Hz;
The instability of the output voltage low-frequency signal generator G3-117 unit 3:00 - ± 1,5%;
The error reference level output voltage - ± 4%;
Automatic level control (compression) of the device low-frequency signal generator G3-117 - 70 dB;
Power Consumption - 120V ∙ A;
Dimensions of the generator - 480h240h360mm;
Generator weight - 22kg.

Photos: G3-117

G3-117 generator image.
G3-117 generator image.
G3-117 front view.
G3-117 front view.
G3-117 side view.
G3-117 side view.
G3-117 rear view.
G3-117 rear view.
G3-117 overhead view.
G3-117 overhead view.
G3-117 bottom view.
G3-117 bottom view.