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    Generator G3-36 (C-3-36, G 3 36, G-3-36)
    G3-36 - the low-frequency signal generator, which is a portable source of electrical sinusoidal oscillation of sonic and ultrasonic frequencies.
    Frequency Range 20Hz - 200kHz.
    The output voltage at the load 600 ohms - 5V.
    The basic error of the voltage level - 6%.
    Harmonic Distortion 1% - 2%.
    Mode of operation - continuous generation.
    Power supply - 220V, 50Hz.
    Power consumption - 7W.
    Overall dimensions - 260 × 230 × 165mm.
    Weight - 5kg.

The signal generator G3-36 is designed to control and testing of low-frequency ultrasound and radio cascades in laboratory and production environments.
    The design of G3-36

G3-generator 36 consists of two box-like, vertically arranged gear rigidly fastened to the front panel. The housing unit is designed as a U-shaped bracket and removable rear and bottom walls.
    The left landing gear mounted phasing circuit and a voltmeter. On the right is the power supply chassis. Between the chassis are two boards are mounted on the exciter power and output power, of the printing installation.
    Generator G3-36 has a frequency adjustment knob, which is associated with dual friction vernier potentiometer with a slowing of 1:5. Projected forward U-shaped bracket shell forms a protective shield that protects against shocks and front panel elements are located on it.
    The bottom wall 36 is located G3-voltage switch, a pocket in which the power cord is removed when carrying the device. All the main controls are placed on the front panel.

Specifications G3-36

The signal generator G3-36 has a frequency range of 20 Hz - 200 kHz, which overlaps with 4 sub-bands within which the frequency changes smoothly:
    - The first sub-range - from 20Hz to 200Hz;
    - The second sub-band - from 200 Hz to 2000 Hz;
    - The third sub-range from - 2000 Hz to 20,000 Hz;
    - The fourth sub-band - from 20,000 Hz to 200000Gts.
    Clock margin around the edges of the range must be at least twice the value of basic error, and between sub-bands at least equal to the basic error in frequency.

The signal generator G3-36 allows for the basic error rates up to ± (0,03 F ± 1,5) Hz.
    Generators allow the change in frequency with the following value:
    - When the temperature changes for each 1 ° C - ± 0,1% for the first subband and ± 0,05% for the remaining subbands;
    - When the supply voltage of ± 10% of nominal voltage - ± 0,1% in the frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz and ± 0,3% in the frequency range from 20kHz to 200kHz.
    In G3-36 provides the possibility of smooth adjustment of the output voltage. The maximum value of the output voltage at a frequency of 1 kHz and a load of 600 ohms -   not less than 5V.
    The output of the generator has a three-stage divider provides division of the output voltage 10, 100, 1000. The error rate of division no more than ± 0,8 dB at load resistance of at least 20K.

G3-36 generator allows calibration error indicator scale output not exceeding ± 6% of the upper limit of measurement at all frequencies. Temperature error indicator output is less than ± 1% for every 10 ° C
    Frequency response G3-36 relative to the voltage at a frequency of 1000 Hz with active load resistance of 600 ohms connected to the generator output, and an output voltage of 5V is less than ± 12% over the entire range of frequencies.
    The signal generator G3-36 allows the following harmonic distortion:
    - 1% at an output voltage of 5V at 600 ohms load resistance in the frequency range above 50 Hz-20 kHz;
    - 1.5% at an output voltage of 3V load resistance of 600 ohms at a frequency range of 50Hz-100kHz;
    - 2.0% at an output voltage of 5V at 600 ohms load resistance in the frequency range above 20 Hz-200 kHz;
    - 1.5% at an output voltage of 5 V at a load resistance of 600 ohms in the frequency range from 20Hz to 50Hz.
    Changing the output voltage at the supply voltage of ± 10% of nominal value shall not exceed ± 2%.
Generators G3-36 provide normal operation after 5 minutes of operation. The device should operate within 8 hours. MTBF of the device is 1500 hours.

Operating conditions G3-36

The signal generator G3-36 is designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature from -10 ° C to +40 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure of 750 ± 30 mm. Hg. Art.;
    - Relative humidity up to 90% at +25 ° C.

Storage and transportation of G3-36

    Signal generators G3-36, arriving at the warehouse and intended to operate, earlier than six months from the date of receipt of the shipping container can not be released and stored in compressed form.
    Generators G3-36, arriving for long term storage of more than 6 months are exempt from the shipping container or in a transport container in a room at a humidity of 80%, with temperatures ranging from +10 ° C to +35 ° C in the absence of dust in the air , vapors, acids, alkalis and corrosive gases.    
    Signal generators G3-36 are transported to the close of the distance in the packing box or without it, and transport over long distances is made ​​in a special container.

Photos: G3-36

G3-36 device image.
G3-36 device image.