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The signal generator G3-111 (G3111, G3 111, GЗ-111, GЗ 111)
Designed for adjustment and testing of various wireless devices in the laboratory and shop floor.
Frequency response 20Hz-2MHz (5 sub-bands)
The basic error of frequency ± [1 + (50 / f)]%
The output voltage of 5V (600 ohms)



The signal generator G3-111 subwoofer is designed to adjust and test the various wireless devices in the laboratory and shop floor.



The signal generator G3-111 is a sinusoidal source (basic mode) and rectangular (optional feature) signals.
Operating conditions:
ambient temperature from 283 to 308 K (from 10 to 35 ° C);
relative humidity up to 80% at a temperature of 298 K (+25 ° C);
atmospheric pressure 86-106kPa (650-800 mm Hg. centuries).
mains voltage of 220 ± 22 V, ± 0,5 at 50 Hz with harmonic content up to 5%.
The main areas of application include radio engineering, acoustics, underwater acoustics, control systems, computer engineering, medicine, biology, etc.
The signal generator G3-111 meet the requirements of GOST 22261-76, GOST 9788-78 and GOST 10501-81.
On the working conditions and the boundary conditions of transportation generator G3-111 applies to the 2nd group of measuring GOST 22261-76.
Technical Data is a
Frequency range from 20 Hz to 2 MHz is covered by five sub-bands continuously tunable within the band;
I sub-range 20Hz-200Hz; II sub-band 200Hz-2000Hz;
III sub-band 2kHz to 20kHz;
IV sub-range 20kHz-200kHz; V 0.2 MHz sub-band-2MHz.
The basic error of frequency does not exceed
± (3 +50 / f H)%, where f H - set on a scale of frequency in hertz.
Additional error of frequency due to changes in supply voltage of ± 10%, not more than
± 100.10 -4 f H (± l%).
Additional error of frequency due to changes in ambient temperature in the operating temperature range does not exceed ± 100 × 10 -4 f H1%) at 10 ° C. Frequency instability after a setup time does not exceed:
a) ± 30.10 -4 f H (± 0,3%) for any 15 minutes of work;
b) ± 100.10 -4 f H (± 1%) for any 3 hours.
Additional error of frequency when the load resistance from the idle to the maximum value, or when adjusting the output voltage range of 0.5 V to 5 V does not exceed ± 15 × 10 -4 f H (± 0,15%).
The greatest value of the reference level of the output voltage sine wave signal at load resistance 600 ± 6 ohms at least 5 V.
Continuously adjustable output voltage sine wave should be not less than 22 dB from the value of 5 V.
The output impedance of the signal generator G3-111 on the sinusoidal output of 600 ± 60 ohms.
Output voltage instability caused by varying the supply voltage of ± 10%, not more than ± 1%.
Instability of output voltage due to the change of ambient temperature over the operating temperature does not exceed ± 1% per 10 ° C.
Output voltage instability after a setup time for any 3 hours does not exceed ± 1%.
Frequency output voltage in the frequency range relative to the level at 1000 Hz less than:
± 1,5% for frequencies up to 100 kHz; ± 5% of the rest band.
Speed ​​control voltage is a sine wave attenuator in 20 dB steps from 0 dB to 60 dB.
The error attenuator load resistance of 600 ± 6 ohms does not exceed:
± 0,5 dB in the frequency range from 20Hz to 1MHz; ± 0,8 dB over the frequency range of 1 to 2 MHz.
Distortion factor at the highest level of the reference voltage output 5V load impedance 600 ohms ± 6 does not exceed:
0.3% at frequencies above 200 Hz to 20 kHz;
0.5% for frequencies from 20 Hz to 200 Hz and more than 20 to 200 kHz;
1% at frequencies greater than 0.2 to 1 MHz;
2% at frequencies in excess of 1 to 2 MHz.
The highest value of the components from the mains frequency and its harmonics in the input signal is not rated higher than 0.15% of 5 V. The generator provides a sinusoidal mode the external clock signal. Band synchronization timing signal voltage value not less than 1.5 1% of the set frequency of the oscillator.
Input impedance timing chain 50 ± 10 ohms.
The signal generator G3-111 provides a square wave signal on the auxiliary output at all frequencies. The scope of the square wave is not less than 10V at the load of 600 ± 6 ohms and infinitely variable not less than -30 dB.
Duration of the rise and fall of rectangular signal is not more than 100 ns.
The duty cycle is equal to 2, with an error of ± 5% at frequencies from 20 Hz to 100 kHz and ± 20% for frequencies from 100 kHz to 2 MHz.
The signal generator G3-111 provides specifications after a setup time of time of 5 min., Except for the frequency instability for any 15 minutes and 3 hours, which is installed in the normal range after a setup time of 15 minutes.
Power consumption of the generator from the network at rated voltage of not more than 20 VA. Signal generator G3-111 allows continuous operation under the operating conditions for 8 hours while maintaining their performance. Life more than 5000 hours Dimensions generator up to 160 x133x335 mm. Generator weight of 5 kg.

Photos: G3-111

G3-111 generator image.
G3-111 generator image.
G3-111 front view.
G3-111 front view.
G3-111 side view.
G3-111 side view.
G3-111 rear view.
G3-111 rear view.
G3-111 overhead view.
G3-111 overhead view.
G3-111 bottom view.
G3-111 bottom view.